Workgroup Retrospectives for Test Teams

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc

You may have heard about the power of project retrospectives, but will a retrospective benefit your test team or development team when you don't control the budget or set priorities for the entire project? The answer is yes. Workgroup retrospectives apply the proven methods and techniques of project retrospectives to improve teamwork and results within a software team. An experienced retrospective facilitator, Esther Derby describes how a retrospective supports learning and offers the basics of putting on a retrospective for your team. Learn about the phases, exercises, outcomes, and action planning that go into a successful retrospective. The next time you complete a project, invest in a workgroup retrospective instead of doing a standard post-review. You will be surprised and possibly amazed by the results.

  • How retrospectives differs from post-project reviews
  • How a retrospective improves motivation, process, and results
  • Caveats and warnings for retrospectives

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