You Can't Spell Agile Testing without "ET"

Lanette Creamer, Spark Quality, LLC

Do you ever get that creeping feeling there is more to agile testing than automating it? Have you wondered how you should test quality considerations beyond the story cards? Have you tried to use exploratory testing to bridge this gap, yet struggled with how to do it systematically in an agile context? If so, then what you need is a refreshing aromatic blend of exploratory and agile approaches. Lanette Creamer and Matt Barcomb share their ideas, experiences, and approaches on how agile teams can visualize and achieve quality at and beyond the story level. Learn what exploratory charters are and how to turn them into adaptive test ideas. Discover how agile teams can integrate exploratory testing techniques in an iterative incremental way, dynamically syncing with changes in the product. In addition, take away techniques to involve the whole team in setting priorities for quality initiatives and how to share the results of testing outcomes with stakeholders.

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