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Below are some observations I've made and I'd like to solicit the communities feedback on the conclusion I've drawn from it.

When looking at industrializing software development by creating a fully integrated and automated pipeline through which changes flow from check-in, through integration, build, testing, packaging and deployment; there are 2 paths one can follow:

I have been tasked by my company to come up with a single page document that shows the "value" that QA provided to the project.  Basically we need to show how we have saved and/or made the company money through any given project.

I have things like number of hours tested, if we went over budget, number of defects found, etc., but what are your suggestions?

How do I show the value of the defects found and come up with a comparison to what it would cost to fix these things in the field?


I'm looking to hear about people's experience with different ways of creating a backlog that is more than just a list of stories and does not cause the team to lose the forest in the trees.

I'm interested to know of other projects where this situation has come up.  Would you recommend this?  Or should each team have only one QC tester?

I have used 5 Whys, 5 S, Kanban, JIT, Value Stream Mapping

I would like to know about your experience with the co-location of Agile and SCM practices in your organization.



I recently assisted a presentation of Rational Team Concert, and I am shocked.

It could have been, I am sure, some other product. I don't intend to bash RTC.


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