Can agile be implemented in day to day personal life aspects.

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Can you explain with a example? I believe that it may be possible to implement in personal activities.

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I used Scrum to manage a new business start up that began in July 2013 with tremendous success.  We established a vision, a product roadmap, and a release plan during the early months.  Since then, we have competed hundreds of product backlog items (on time) and are in the middle of our third release.  we meet each Friday for lunch to groom the backlog, status each backlog item, and follow an agenda that keeps us focused and finishing on time.  Our sprints are 4 weeks in duration and we hold a review of completed sprint backlog items at the end of every sprint.

Using Scrum is something I have used for many years.  It has been helpful for me to manage my involvements in hobbies, gardening, and other projects.  I have taught hundreds of systems engineers how to implement Scrum on small and large projects since 2005, and have presented case studies and examples at conferences on the use of simple Scrum practices since 2006.

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I recently moved from Australia to Canada with my wife. We both had jobs, cars, property, and family: call them the epics!

I ran the move like a project, using agile (scrum) as a methodology. I can honestly say it worked well. Our scrums were daily and sprints weekly. Retros happened over Saturday morning coffee and planning sessions coincided with Friday dinner. 

At the start it was a novel approach to the daunting task, but eventually it became a lifeline. 

Day to to day I use some of the 12 principles. Retrospection, delaying decisions, monitoring progress...that kind of stuff. 

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I consider the Pomodoro technique an implementaiton of agile for personal use, and I use it at work when I'm feeling overtasked.

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