How do I address story writing and slicing challenges?

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Krishnan K asked on September 29, 2020 - 11:10am | Replies (3).

I would like to get some expert opinion on the following product environment in terms of story writing and story slicing. Suppose if we have an enterprise product and many clients would be onboarding to the product in different timelines of deadlines with customized extra features than the basic product. As many clients are getting onboarded with more unique customized features and the overlap is in place, the Product owners are getting challenges in writing the story which enriches the base product that fits our system and slicing the stories into smaller units that fit into the 2-week sprint for the clients. What would be your suggestion or approaches on these sort of situations to address the story writing and slicing challenges?

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Here are some tips to aid in story writing and slicing:

  • Plan your story
  • Focus on one idea at a time
  • Use descriptive language
  • Edit and revise
  • Get feedback

You may enhance your tale writing and slicing abilities and become a more confident and successful writer by following these guidelines and practicing on a regular basis.

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Thanks for sharing.

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A very simplistic heuristic that works for most. Keep slicing the stories until it becomes it feels like there is way too much overhead for a story then back off. 

That will get you to a pretty good spot.  You don't need to be perfect at slicing, being near optimal is sufficient.

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