Suggest some list of Agile Automation tools

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Suggest me some Agile Automation tool anmes please Agile Automation, 

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Are you talking about automating system testing or automating developer testing or automating something else?

At this point, your question is too vague for us to answer. Sorry.

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I dont think there will Automation tools available separately.  Agile is a process where you can use your existing Automaton tools such as Selenium 

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Identifying a best-fit agile automation tool is very important if agile teams are to have a minimal or no bug version of the software with each iteration. Apart from Selenium, ClicTest supports Agile Automation. ClicTest also helps to perform End-to-End testing.  Follow the link to know more.

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Well Kualitee is best agile supported tool. Its really good for project management, defect management and test management.

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