What is the different between Agile Pod and Squad concept?

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Ankit A asked on August 31, 2020 - 1:18am | Replies (1).

How to establish a team for IT operations using the Pod and Squad concept. Are they different or an identical concept?


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Agile Pod and Squad are terms used in the Agile software development approach. While these two concepts have some similarities, they also have some significant differences.


An Agile Pod is a multi-functional team tasked with creating a certain product or set of features. This team includes members from many functional areas such as development, design, testing, and project management. The team works together to deliver a complete product increment, which is a working and tested piece of software that is potentially shippable. The product backlog is often defined and prioritized by a product manager or product owner.


A Squad, on the other hand, is a cross-functional team that is in charge of a single aspect of the product. The team consists of developers, designers, testers, and other responsibilities needed to complete a product increment. The squad collaborates on a specific product area, such as the checkout process or the search feature, and has the authority to decide how to effectively deliver the desired functionality. A squad head is often in charge of coordinating the work and communicating with other squads and stakeholders.


In summary, the fundamental distinction between Agile Pods and Squads is that Pods are in charge of delivering an entire product increment, whereas Squads are in charge of a single section of the product. Furthermore, Pods are frequently led by a product manager, whereas Squads are led by a squad leader.


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