What online tools do you use in distributed agile development ?

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Like  IdeaBoardz, Skype, Lync TV, what else ?


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Very Agile replied on February 15, 2013 - 4:34pm.

Our distributed team uses an instant messaging tool, in our case Sametime, to stay in touch throughout the day. Unfortunately we have a few folks who are behind a firewall and can't join us on Sametime and for those folks we currently use email or if an emergency, cell phones. We also have company-provided Sharepoint tool for online general information, editing and archiving product deliverables, etc. Plus a company-provided web meeting/conference line for all of our meetings. We use a wiki for technical information discussions among ourselves and with the client. We are still learning how to be the most efficient. We have talked about but have not used any of the tools for face-to-face communication.

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Agile MiMu replied on February 16, 2013 - 11:10am.

In addition to the above: a tool for sharing the sprint backlog and tasks to do/in progress/done, like ScrumWorks.

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We use either trello.com or icescrum.org (cloud solution).

trello is really useful for "short" dev (let's say less than 5 iterations).


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Not all these tools are online, but they helped never the less.

Conferencing: Skype, Voice conferencing

Desktop sharing: TeamViewer

Agile lifecycle management: GreenHopper (from Atlassian)

Content sharing: Sharepoint / Google Docs

Hope this helps.

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Rally or Jira/Greenhopper for User Stories...I prefer Rally.

WebEx for meetings

Jabber for IM


I'm looking for a good post-it note replacement.  Corkboard.me is one option though I'm not completely happy with it.

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  • Rally for user stories, task board, scheduling, status reports, etc.
  • Sharepoint for document repositorty & sharing
  • GlobalMeet for web & teleconferencing (https://www.globalmeet.com/)
  • Skype for messaging


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PTC's Integrity (shameless plug for my company's product :-)) - it is an ALM solution similar to VersionOne or Rally.  this is where we manage all our epics, stories, sprints, etc.

Lync for IM, web conferencing, video - very important for geographically distributed team.

SharePoint for document storage (e.g., project documents, meeting minutes, etc.).

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Try Eyeagile- agile project management platform,

We are using this platform, its one feature, Email interfacing really helped us in communicating and worked with distributed teams.


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Eyeagile- an online agile project management platform that provides tools to manage distributed agile development.

It has various features that helps to easily communicate with distributed teams

  • Email Interfacing (Manage your project via email)
  • Actionable Meetings
  • Online Cloud based centrally hosted platform to manage agile projects

visit www.eyeagile.com 

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Kanban boards! Like Trello. And there is tool called Sococo for a virtul office it's AMAZING. 

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We created www.planitpoker.com which is designed for distributed teams to estimate stories. May be worth a look.

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