Rainforest | 90 Days to Better QA

90 Days to Better QA
The Strategic Guide to Kickstarting Your QA Process

For many organizations, QA processes haven’t caught up with the accelerated pace of development. Inefficiencies in software testing can lead to inadequate test coverage, delayed deployments and even poor quality products. But with a strong plan for troubleshooting these issues and implementing change, it’s possible to end the cycle of inadequate testing and start seeing results to product quality in just a few months.

90 Days to Better QA draws lessons from QA experts and real-world case studies to provide a guideline for creating change. In this guide, you’ll learn how to kickstart your QA strategy, including:

  • How to create an actionable 90-day roadmap to improve your QA process
  • Advice from QA experts on identifying and resolving common quality issues
  • Best practices for measuring success and making process changes last

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