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Are the Five CEO Temptations Limiting Your Leadership Potential?

Becoming a CEO isn’t the ultimate goal for the most successful CEOs. It is a status that they use to achieve great things, and they face ongoing temptations that threaten their potential. Here, Laura Brandenburg takes a look at the temptations in Patrick Lencioni’s Five Temptations of a CEO that can limit the potential of not only CEOs, but also anyone in a leadership position.

Laura Brandenburg's picture Laura Brandenburg
photo from pair programming sessions Pair Programming in the Clink

In this personal experience story, Daryl Kulak relates the day he spent behind bars. He was there to participate in a program that pairs prisoners with software developers “from the outside” to explore the art and science of agile software development. “It’s like a code retreat,” Kulak notes, “except it’s inside a prison.”

Daryl  Kulak's picture Daryl Kulak
How Do Agile Rapid Iterations Improve Software Quality?

An iterative agile approach improves the quality and production time for software projects of all scope and size. Learn how this "evolutionary" method improves both development and testing through open lines of communication and collaboration.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Path to Agility 2011 - Ken Schwaber - Scrum and the Product Owner

Ken Schwaber and Bob Payne chat about the product owner (PO) roll and the complexity that can emerge when we ask too much of the product owner. This has always been a key role and we have sometimes dode the project a disservice by focusing the PO on the needs of development.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
Plight of Product Owners in Medium and Large Organizations

What prevents product owners in large organizations from functioning like product owners in startup companies, who quickly release new products in the market with lower budgets?

Anupam Kundu's picture Anupam Kundu
Burning With Excuses

We all know what it’s like to be frustrated with someone else when that person isn’t being as responsive as we would like. It’s especially easy to do when our own work or responsibilities are on the line. In this tale from Naomi Karten, she shows that a lack of response doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of care and explains how very important it is to have the full story before you get too worked up.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
clean coder book cover The Clean Coder (& Tester!)

Lisa Crispin reviews Bob Martin's "The Clean Coder". She says that she would have preferred something like "The Software Professional" or "How to Really Enjoy Your Software Career." According to Lisa, the lessons in this book are essential for everyone involved in delivering software, not only the programmers.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
How to Squeeze the Most Out of Your Automated Testing

Jonathan Lindo describes examples of automated test infrastructure utilizing both open source and traditional, independent-software-vendor-sourced software. In addition, he discusses new techniques for extending the value of automated testing by transforming the process from defect finding to defect resolution by reducing the effort required to document, reproduce, and troubleshoot the defects generated from automated tests.

Jonathan Lindo's picture Jonathan Lindo
From One Expert to Another: Simon Baker From One Expert to Another: Simon Baker

In this interview, author, speaker, and agile tester Lisa Crispin speaks with Simon Baker, cofounder of Energized Work and recipient of the Gordon Pask award, about the approaches and tools his lab uses.

Lisa Crispin's picture Lisa Crispin
Tips and Advice - Story Sizing and Granularity

George and Bob Payne discuss the finer points of appropriately sizing user stories to ensure that they can be delivered. This is a fairly tricky process and is best figured out by experimentation and ensuring that you have good examples.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne


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