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R.A.P.I.D. Continuous Delivery | CA Technologies

Today, software is your most valuable asset and in this competitive application economy, speed is everything. New and updated applications are often expected to come online within days. This means you need to develop applications and bring them through the code pipeline into production environments on a continuous basis.

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Can Your Organization Innovate at the Pace Your Business Demands? | CA Technologies

The application economy is demanding. Businesses are being challenged to deliver more, faster and with higher quality than ever before. Continuous delivery solutions bring together unique disciplines for development, testing, and release management, accelerating the delivery of your applications.

Download this white paper from CA Technologies to see how you can move forward on your continuous delivery journey

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Taking DevOps to the Next Level—It's All About Continuous Delivery | CA Technologies

To scale DevOps, you need to create a framework of tools and processes to enable continuous delivery. According to Freeform Dynamics, organizations can only get so far through the ad hoc adoption of open source tools and point solutions; at some point, they need to move to the next level and create a more industrialized continuous delivery framework.

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Agile Test Data Management—The New Must Have | CA Technologies

Test data management (TDM) is essential to achieving quality at speed for agile, DevOps, and continuous delivery. To improve their products, software development teams leverage many innovations, including agile, DevOps, big data, cloud, and mobile. Testing is a part of this.

This report aims to help application development and delivery professionals understand how existing TDM tools support agile delivery and improve their buying decisions.

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How Will the Internet of Things Affect Testers? | CA Technologies

It seems like everything will become “smart” eventually. In parallel with domestic applications, industries such as retail, manufacturing, transport, agriculture, and telecommunications are embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) with enthusiasm.

The IoT is a whole new ball game for testers and testing according to Paul Gerrard, a testing guru and consultant. He introduces an architecture that consists of seven layers and discusses the scope of the IoT and the range of issues that it creates for testing.

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Surviving Shift-Left as a Tester | CA Technologies

Shift-left is largely about bringing the thinking about testing earlier in the process. In this article, testing guru and consultant Paul Gerrard talks about what is driving the shift-left movement, how the role of testing is being changed by it, and how you can adapt in a more agile world. Download this white paper to learn how the role of testing is changing and how you will be affected in a more agile world.

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VOKE Market Snapshot Report: Service Virtualization | CA Technologies

Service virtualization technology is critical to the success of a vibrant application economy. Organizations using service virtualization experience reduced defects and software lifecycles, and increased customer satisfaction. Gain the insights you need on the service virtualization market.

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Eliminating Development and Testing Constraints | CA Technologies

In today’s application economy, the development and delivery of applications is growing more complex. Before applications are put into production, teams are faced with obstacles as they strive to deliver quality applications faster, with a level of quality to meet customer expectations and at lower costs. Download this white paper for help finding the right service virtualization solution.

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Discover the Warning Signs of DevOps Dysfunction | CA Technologies

Read this eBook and discover the warning signs of DevOps Dysfunction and learn how to get back on the right track. Key topics include parallel development and testing, agile operations, service virtualization, and automation.

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The Care And Feeding of Your Software Testing Career | TechWell

This eBook is a compilation of TechWell Insights stories written by TechWell Corporation CIO Michael Sowers. Based on his thirty years of software experience, this guide offers tips and techniques for managing and growing your own software testing career.

Download this eBook to learn how testers can excel in today's agile world, why leadership skills and social responsibility are critical to tester's careers, techniques for streamlining your workload, and more.

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Next-Gen Performance Testing with Service Virtualization and APM | CA Technologies

Download this white paper from CA Technologies to see how a next-generation performance management approach is being adopted by progressive organizations around the world.

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2015–2016 State of the Software Testing Profession | TechWell

The 2015-2016 State of the Software Testing Profession survey report has been published. TechWell members responses help TechWell better understand where the software testing industry is right now and where it's headed.

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