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Android Mobile Testing: Right before Your Eyes

Few topics are hotter than mobile software development. Every company seems to be rushing to release its own mobile applications. When it comes time to build that software, they quickly learn that things are hard. Many developers claim that it is difficult or impossible to test drive the...

Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan, LeanDog
Mobile Testing Methodologies: Trends, Successes, and Pitfalls

In today's dynamic mobile marketplace—where new handsets and mobile operating systems are released every day—your ability to deal with these changes which impact your mobile product is vital. The mobile application lifecycle today must be short; must be of great quality; cover...

Eran Kinsbruner
Cloud Computing: Powering the Future of Development and Testing

Developers and testers are under constant pressure to operate more efficiently, cut costs, and deliver on time. Without access to scalable, flexible, and cost effective computing resources, these challenges are magnified. Brett Goodwin explains how to create scalable dev/test environments in the cloud, and shares best practices for reducing cycle time and decreasing project costs. Learn how scalable, cloud-based data centers can run software without complicated re-writes; enable rapid defect resolution with snapshots and clones; and provide global collaboration for multiple product and release teams. Brett presents a case study of Cushman and Wakefield, the world's largest privately held real estate services firm, which struggled with an on-premises development and testing environment.

Brian White, Skytap, Inc.
Danger! Danger! Your Mobile Applications Are Not Secure

A new breed of mobile devices with sophisticated processors and ample storage has given rise to sophisticated applications that move more and more data and business logic to devices. The result is significant and potentially dangerous security challenges, especially for location-aware mobile applications and those storing sensitive or valuable data on devices. To counter these risks, Johannes Ullrich introduces and demonstrates design strategies you can use to mitigate these risks and make applications safer and less vulnerable. Johannes illustrates design patterns to: co-validate data on both the client and server; authenticate transactions on the server; and store only authenticated and access-controlled data on the client. Learn to apply these solutions without losing access to powerful HTML5 JavaScript APIs such as those required for location-based mobile applications.

Johannes Ullrich, SANS Technology Institute
Cloud-based Testing: Flexible, Scalable, On-demand, and Cheaper

Cloud computing is here to stay-and it is changing the way we test software. Cloud-based testing offers flexible, scalable, and on-demand infrastructure services. And as a bonus, because the cloud offers pay-per-use purchasing options, cloud-based testing usually costs less. Tauhida Parveen describes the concept of cloud-based testing: scope, specific requirements, benefits, and drawbacks. She explains how cloud-based testing brings new capabilities and options for your testing activities-instantly creating and dismantling test environments and miming production environments in early testing. Tauhida discusses how to engineer scalable environments for load, stress, and performance testing. Then, she introduces cloud-based compatibility, cross-browser, and cross-platform testing opportunities you can exploit.

Tauhida Parveen, Independent Testing Consultant
It's a Phone First! How to Test Your Five-star Mobile Apps

Mobile application development shares many similarities-and some stark differences-with traditional web-based development. To build, test, and deploy five-star mobile applications, your organization needs-from inception-a focused test strategy to drive quality. Employing the wrong approaches and tools can leave your business sponsors and clients wondering what went wrong. Will Hurley outlines the current mobile landscape and explains what can and cannot be controlled in the mobile lifecycle. He explores the current landscape and limitations on tools for testing mobile apps, and offers guidance on what-and what not to-automate. With Will's guidance, you’ll learn how to establish a mobile lifecycle test strategy that is both leading edge and practical.

Will Hurley, Will Hurley - Quality and Security Services
The Lean and Agile Way into the Cloud

Advances in technologies-virtualization, cheap storage, high-speed networks-and a growing comfort with the Internet's security and reliability are leading to widespread adoption of cloud computing. Still, traditional software development methodologies are unable to make full use of the power and flexibility cloud computing offers. Yash Talreja describes how he helped his clients implement lean and agile software development methodologies to take full advantage of cloud computing. Find out how a social networking site and a branded instant messaging company combined the ease and economy of cloud-based system installation, management, and maintenance with the speed of lean and agile practices. They were able to simplify the deployment and upgrade process offered by the cloud, and combine the benefits of a tight feedback loop between developers and end-users.

Yash Talreja, The Technology Gurus
Testing Mobile Apps: Three Dilemmas Solved

The fragmentation and unpredictability of the mobile market present new challenges and risks for the business-and the development team. Testers must assure application quality across multiple platforms and help deliver new products almost every day. Using his experiences implementing automated mobile testing for clients, Yoram Mizrachi analyzes three fundamental mobile testing dilemmas encountered when enterprises go mobile. First, learn how and when to use emulators and real mobile devices, when to rely on each, and how many devices you will need in each stage of development. Second, understand the differences between testing on local devices versus remote devices in the cloud and how the differences affect test coverage, scalability, logistics, risk, and security liability.

Yoram Mizrachi, Perfecto Mobile
Automating Mobile Application Testing with Monkey Talk

As enterprises scramble for competitive advantage by rapidly creating and deploying compelling mobile applications, testing professionals have been challenged to quickly adopt new tools and processes to provide effective testing. Failing to meet this challenge often can result in "one-star" user ratings that doom the application to failure. While many automation engineers have mastered the available tools for automating web application testing, mobile applications require new kinds of tools that understand the richer palette of user interface components and gestures that comprise modern mobile application interfaces. Stu Stern introduces MonkeyTalk (formerly FoneMonkey and FlexMonkey), a free and open source tool that lets testers record, play back, edit, and manage comprehensive functional test automation suites for native Android, iOS, HTML5 and Adobe Flex applications.

Stu Stern, Gorilla Logic
Innovative Tools for Your Mobile Testing Toolkit

Automating mobile testing faces challenges from a huge variety of devices, resolutions, user interactions, and operating systems. While there is no single solution in the market that can solve all your testing needs, Eing Ong has found a few innovative open source tools that stand out. Learn how Sikuli, ImageMagick, and MOET (Mobile End-to-end Testing) can address the limitations of instrumentation techniques and how you can leverage them individually or together to test your native mobile applications. Eing begins by demonstrating Sikuli's innovative visual technology for iPhone user behavior testing and MonkeyRunner for Android testing. Then she shows how you can use ImageMagick to crop and convert images as well as fine tune image comparisons for image verification.

Eing Ong, Intuit, Inc.


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