Vornex | 5 Ways to Time Travel Test

5 Ways to Time Travel Test
A Tester’s Guide to Temporal Testing

Performing temporal testing, or time travel testing, is critical if you have important business rules that are dependent on date. Insurance rates, tax schemes, financial validation, end-of-period reporting, loan repayment calculations, and many other time-sensitive functions come to mind.

Because testing software against future or past dates is time-consuming, costly, and difficult, many testers do a substandard job—or don’t do it at all and hope for the best.

Learn the options available for enabling a time-traveling environment in order to increase your test coverage, accelerate development, and improve software quality while reducing costs.

In this white paper you will learn:

  • Five options to test date and time functionality
  • How time-travel testing can reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • The pros and cons of each time travel method

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