AI for All: How Hyperautomation Creates Better Testers | Provided by Kobiton

Artificial Intelligence can be a four letter word for some. Is it a black box? Will it replace me? What does it actually do?

All of the above are viable questions—and thankfully there are answers. In Kobiton’s newest ebook, AI for All: How Hyperautomation Creates Better Testers you’ll gain insight into AI’s impact on testing, how you and your teams can leverage the technology to become super-testers, and what the future holds for the testing space in relation to artificial intelligence.

Get your own copy of this ebook, share it with colleagues, and start your journey towards intelligent automation.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of AI and test automation
  • Key methods of testing with AI
  • How AI can impact a tester for the better


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