How to Create a Mobile App Testing Strategy Combining Virtual and Real Devices Provided by Perfecto

Testing mobile apps, whether they’re native, hybrid, or web, requires a solid strategy. But with such a fragmented landscape and so many device/OS combinations to test, as well as specific device capabilities, how can a team ensure they test effectively?

This can be accomplished through a well-defined testing strategy covering each step of the app development lifecycle. By combining real devices with virtual ones, teams can create a risk-based testing strategy to mitigate the possibility of escaped defects.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • The main differences between virtual iOS/Android simulators and emulators and real devices
    • OS version differences
    • Platform capabilities and feature support
    • Varying environment conditions
    • Using each platform within the right SDLC phase
  • The differences between iOS and Android virtual platforms
  • How to build a testing strategy with both real and virtual platforms
  • How to get started with Appium on real and virtual devices

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