Addressing Concerns Of Performance Of Integration Builds


introduce regression of quality of the code base. Over time, the number of tests grows, so does time to run the tests. Running tests is subject to the same performance concerns seen in software builds. Test performance can be improved by breaking a test set into groups that are deployed into remote builders. Each remote builder may run its own test group in parallel with other remote builders. Upon completion of all test groups runs test results are consolidated back at the build management server and presented for failure analysis or for archival. 


                               Picture 4. Partitioning test execution


It is possible to address concerns of performance of integration builds by dedicating adequate hardware resources to a software build management server, and by applying advanced techniques such as build load partitioning, parallel (clustered) builds and partitioning of test load.


1. Slava Imeshev; Capacity Planning For Software Build Management Servers ; CM Journal, September 2005;

Slava Imeshev is president of Viewtier Systems, Inc. , makers of software build management server Parabuild. You can reach Slava at

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