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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Monolithic, Multiple, and Hybrid Repositories | BitKeeper

Organizations that produce a lot of code face an important choice in how to structure and manage source code: Create a single, monolithic repository or split the source code into sub-repositories and manage them independently.

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What Should Agile Software Testing Metrics Capture? | Gallop

Businesses have high expectations for development projects—demanding faster delivery with fewer resources. Developers and testers need to leverage every opportunity to maintain quality or risk disappointing users and customers.

In an agile environment, test and project managers need a defined way to measure the goals and efficiency of testers and testing. These metrics help teams monitor the progress, quality, and health of the testing effort.

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Automated Mobile Testing Requires Both Real Devices and Emulators | Sauce Labs

In today’s increasingly mobile-centric marketplace, mobile QA can no longer take a backseat to web app testing. Organizations trying to find the ideal automated mobile tests environment are conflicted between the accuracy of testing on real mobile devices and the agility of emulators.

This white paper makes the case for a best-of-both-worlds strategy that incorporates the scalability and cost efficiency of emulators while retaining the ability to test real usage conditions on lab- or cloud-based devices.

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Answers to Common Agile Questions—Bridging the Gap | Jama

Download Five Challenges to Agile Planning to learn the major agile planning roadblocks that lead to failure, as well as advice on how to make agile work for your entire team.

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A Modern Take on the Agile Manifesto | Jama

Download this eBook for an opportunity to rethink the Agile Manifesto. View agile in a new light and deconstruct which concepts were home runs and which still need to evolve.

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