Design Patterns in Real-Life Object-Oriented Software

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In the initial stage of project development, design patterns play an important role. After capturing all the requirements, it is crucial to decide which design pattern will be the most suitable. This is important to achieve code optimization, performance, and maintainability. Design patterns also allow the reuse of code and architecture.

In the initial stage of project development phase, design patterns have an important role. After capturing all the requirements, it is crucial to decide which design pattern will be most suitable so that we can get the best result out of it in terms of code optimization, performance, maintainability etc. Design pattern helps to reuse code and architecture. It is essential that our design should be specific to the problem at hand but in the same time it should also general enough to address future problems and requirement.

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Mr. Ashish Srivastava received his MCA degree from M.N.R.E.C, Allahabad, India and is working at Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, India. He is a Sun Certified Java programmer, currently working in EAI integration tool "TIBCO". Five and a half years of experience in various phase of SDLC, like RS, FD, and DD etc. He possess good experience in development of distributed architecture solutions and is able to work efficiently and effectively under stress, high pressure and tight deadlines. He can be reached at

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