Distributed Multi-Source Development


of the use of new Agile ALM development methodologies and the managed use of free and open source software enable companies to realize their potential -- increasing innovation, fueling developer passion, and reducing redundancies - all with improved quality and faster time to market. With Agile methods, multi-source development using open source and appropriate policy and process, development organizations can increase innovation and agility, and embrace new technologies.

[1] Agile Development: Mainstream Adoption Has Changed Agility, Dave West and Tom Grant, Ph.D. Forrester January 20, 2010

About the Author Philip Marshall – Senior Manager of Product Marketing, brings over 10 years experience in both product and services marketing as well as 10 + years experience in the high-tech publishing space with publications including Dr. Dobb’s Journal and Byte magazine. Prior to joining Black Duck Software, Phil was Director of Global Solutions Marketing at Ness Software Product Labs, a division of Ness Technologies. Before Ness Technologies, Phil held product marketing positions at both RSA and Sun Microsystems and was Director of Marketing at Compliance Engineering, a healthcare focused Systems Integration firm.

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