Does Size Matter for Application Lifecycle Management?


In his CM: the Next Generation series, Joe Farah gives us a glimpse into the trends that CM experts will need to tackle and master based upon industry trends and future technology challenges.

Look at these features:  lower costs, less effort, mature process, and productivity. In a small business, or a small team with a small budget.  These aren't just nice-to-have features, they're life savers. They allow you to do the same as larger teams, but without a major investment in dollars or time. If you run, or have run a small team, wouldn't you agree?

Some of you, I'm sure, are still not convinced. If so, I'll wager you haven't yet ventured into a real 3G solution:  a small-IT, big-value ALM suite. The pace of CM/ALM advances probably doesn't suggest that you have to look at technology that often, but perhaps the time is now, especially if you're running a small project, or even a big project with a small team.

So the next generation of CM and ALM processes and tools change the game for small teams. It's no longer a question of what parts of the ALM process we cut out or ignore. Instead, it's how can I compete against a Goliath competitor.

About the author

Joe Farah's picture Joe Farah

Joe Farah is the President and CEO of Neuma Technology and is a regular contributor to the CM Journal. Prior to co-founding Neuma in 1990 and directing the development of CM+, Joe was Director of Software Architecture and Technology at Mitel, and in the 1970s a Development Manager at Nortel (Bell-Northern Research) where he developed the Program Library System (PLS) still heavily in use by Nortel's largest projects. A software developer since the late 1960s, Joe holds a B.A.Sc. degree in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto. You can contact Joe at

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