The Entrepreneurial Test Manager


Make a Difference
Instead of going back underground and expecting his results to speak for themselves, he meticulously tracked the costs and results at every step of the way. At regular intervals, he scheduled follow-up meetings and presented his progress. He tracked the number of man-hours invested; the number of test cases identified, developed, and executed; and the number of defects found. He also tracked errors in production. Although it took time, eventually the payoff showed up. Now his testing competency center is expanding.

The lesson to learn is that if we don't think we are being valued, then maybe it's time to speak up—not just at budget time, but all the time. Make yourself visible, make yourself heard, and make sure your value is communicated and understood. Realize that you're, in effect, raising money from your company to pay for the time and people you need. Like any investor, they want to know what they are getting for their investment. So tell them...constantly.

About the author

Linda Hayes's picture Linda Hayes

Linda G. Hayes is a founder of Worksoft, Inc., developer of next-generation test automation solutions. Linda is a frequent industry speaker and award-winning author on software quality. She has been named as one of Fortune magazine's People to Watch and one of the Top 40 Under 40 by Dallas Business Journal. She is a regular columnist and contributor to and Better Software magazine, as well as a columnist for Computerworld and Datamation, author of the Automated Testing Handbook and co-editor Dare To Be Excellent with Alka Jarvis on best practices in the software industry. You can contact Linda at

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