Heuristics for Rapid Test Management

Whether you are a tester or a test manager, Jon Bach believes you have little time to do the things you want to do. Even the things on your "absolutely must do" list are competing for your limited time. Jon has a list of what he calls "half-baked" ideas on how to cope. That is, these ideas are still in the oven—still being tested. In his role as a tester and manager, Jon has learned that it's not about time management; it's really about energy management—where you focus your personal energy and direct your team’s energy. Jon shares ideas that have worked for him and some that have failed: Open-Book Testing, Dawn Patrols, Tester Show-and-Tell, Test Team Feud, and Color-Aided Design. Learn how these ideas may solve your problems with test execution, reporting, measurement, and management—all at low or no cost and relatively easy to implement.

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About the author

Jon Bach's picture Jon Bach

Currently a managing consultant for Seattle-based test lab Quardev, Inc., Jon Bach has been in testing for fourteen years, twelve as a manager. His experience includes managing teams at Microsoft, HP, and LexisNexis. The co-inventor (with his brother James) of Session-Based Test Management, Jon frequently speaks about test management and exploratory testing. Jon is coauthor of Microsoft’s Patterns and Practices book on acceptance testing (freely available online) and has written articles for testing magazines. Find him on Facebook, Twitter, or his many presentations, articles, and his blog at jonbox.wordpress.com.

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