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  • is true of automation. Look for high-value test cases—usually those that are repetitive but not necessarily complex—and automate them first. Then reinvest the time saved into more automation.
  • Know when to say no:  If your process is a mess and your team is under stress, wait until you can get your house in order and catch your breath before you tackle automation.

By observing these simple rules, you can get your automation tools off the shelf and whip your application into shape.

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Linda G. Hayes is a founder of Worksoft, Inc., developer of next-generation test automation solutions. Linda is a frequent industry speaker and award-winning author on software quality. She has been named as one of Fortune magazine's People to Watch and one of the Top 40 Under 40 by Dallas Business Journal. She is a regular columnist and contributor to and Better Software magazine, as well as a columnist for Computerworld and Datamation, author of the Automated Testing Handbook and co-editor Dare To Be Excellent with Alka Jarvis on best practices in the software industry. You can contact Linda at

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