The Lessons Learned – Worst Mistakes Ever Made


Jack for chasticing this practice and instead fostering a culture that values honesty at GE. Too bad for those elsewhere whose reluctance to embrace valid employee candor was their worst mistake.

5. The Breakup Song
It's true that people who are incompetent should go. But is it possible for everyone to be incompetent? I mean, really?

Ok, let's add 'changing players so often that your learning curve never improves' to the list of mistakes.

Somewhere,  you have a core team that needs a voice and forum. They need a leader and mentor. Give them a voice and be a good coach to get real answers.

6. I Only Needed a Chevy (Mercedes Benz Blues)
So, we know all about ailing Detroit and their bail-outs; this item isn't anything about them. It's simply a commentary on the purpose of technology, or at least one of them - especially as it concerns business, technology's role and the very timely debate of needs versus wants.

Technology should sit at the table and play the role of enabler. Our primary mission should be to solve business problems, maximize operational effort and provide competitive edge in our respective industries. If your technology's 'slick factor' is a differentiator, then perhaps it makes sense to build the Mercedes of applications or infrastructure. There are, however, too many times when all that is needed is a Chevy!

By paying attention to your customers’ needs AND wants, you can choose features wisely and avoid spending  on costly ‘bells and whisltes’ that are not important. In today’s tough economy executives will appreciate the IT professional who knows how to save money, by making sensible technology choices.

7. Investing with Bernie Madoff
In legal terms, Res ipsa loquitur.

Yep, you heard it here.
Now where's my hanky?....

Andrew T. Madejczyk is Vice President of Global Technology Operations for Sterling Infosystems Inc.. Based in New York City, Sterling is a leading provider of employment and background screening services for many Fortune 500 companies. Andrew is a 20-plus-year technology and engineering veteran whose prior engagements have traversed various industry sectors including Financial Services, Aerospace/Government and Healthcare. His experience includes Sig Sigma quality practices that result from years spent as an industrial/systems engineer in the aerospace community as well as studies with Villanova University. Andrew has been a longtime member of ISACA, IEEE, ISSA and most recently, the New York CTO Club. You can reach Mr. Madejczyk through linkedin

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