A Study of Myers-Briggs Types Relative to CM Professionals (2003)


Key Questions It is the MBTI, temperament quadrants, and preferences that will be explored within this study. Specifically the questions that I hope to answer include:

·         How are CM professionals spread across the 16 MBTI® personality types? Are we clustered into certain personality types? How do CM professionals compare with the general population as a percentage within each type?

·         How are CM professionals spread across the Temperament Quadrants? Are we clustered into certain quadrants? How do CM professionals compare with the general population as a percentage within each quadrant?

·         How are CM professionals spread across the specific preferences? Do we favor one preference over another?


I received 144 responses from CM professionals from across the world who provided me with their Myers Briggs personality types. This provided a good sample in which to work.

CM Professionals by Personality Type
The first measure uses the 144 responses and produces a count of how many CM professionals have specific MBTI®. This was then ranked according to which personality types were most prevalent amongst CM professionals. The following chart illustrates this:


Types Distribution by Percentage

The data indicates a surprising number (41 or 27% of the total sample) of CM professionals who have an INTJ personality type. Why might this be? Looking more closely at those

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