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Agile-Enabled Continuous Improvement: An Interview with Bob Galen

Agile coach Bob Galen helps teams continuously improve and avoid getting stuck, complacent, or worse—regressing. By following some essential patterns, your team will learn how to spot the warning signs that lead to regression and ensure that everyone stays productive and happy.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
From One Expert to Another: Matt Barcomb

Janet Gregory and Matt Barcomb are presenting "Patterns for Team Collaboration: Toward Whole-team Quality" at the Agile Development Conference West 2013. In this interview, they discuss the value of patterns and the meaning of "whole-team quality."

Janet Gregory's picture Janet Gregory
Testing the Requirements of Collaboration: An Interview with Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan

Jeff "Cheezy" Morgan informed us in this interview that collaboration is king, and we should end the separation of development and testing, while putting everything under a single development umbrella. Jeff also looks beyond the benefits of collaboration and TDD and takes some stabs at the future.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Enterprise Agility vs. Lean Delivery: An Interview with Mik Kersten

Mik Kersten recently sat down with us to discuss the challenges and the benefits that adopting lean's principles brings to projects of all sizes. While challenges will vary due to the size of the enterprises lean is being applied to, the goals—and hopefully the outcomes—remain the same.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Agile Testing through Gaming: An Interview with Nate Oster

Nate Oster is giving two sessions at the upcoming STARCANADA 2013 that deal with empowering developers and testers through acceptance test-driven development. Oster's experience as an agile player-coach and working with test-first practices are detailed in this terrific interview.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Tackling Challenges with Agile Teamwork: An Interview with Janet Gregory

Janet Gregory shared with us some of the wisdom she's gained through her decade of experience with building strong agile teams. After defining "agile testing" we discussed how to ensure it succeeds. Janet is giving two sessions at the 2013 STARCANADA conference in Toronto on April 9 and 10.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
Breaking the Testing Norms: An Interview with Fiona Charles
We had the chance to sit down with Fiona Charles ahead of her session titled "Using Mindmaps to Develop a Test Strategy" that she'll be giving on April 11 at STARCANADA. Fiona shares with us some of the ways that mindmaps are able to break up the monotony and help create an organized strategy.
Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
From One Expert to Another: Dan Wellman

Steve Berczuk speaks with Dan Wellman about the agile practice of test-driven development (TDD), including prerequisites to instituting TDD, the technical and cultural challenges to using it, and some ideal (and not-so-ideal) contexts for it.

Steve Berczuk's picture Steve Berczuk
Adding Lean to Agile or Vice Versa: An Interview with Ade Shokoya

Ade Shokoya has interviewed some of the industry's leading agile experts, and we got the chance to interview Ade himself about the current relationship between agile and lean and the challenges and rewards of being a ScrumMaster in today's software world.

Noel Wurst's picture Noel Wurst
The Agile and Scrum Mindsets: An Interview with Mitch Lacey

Mitch Lacey recently took the time to speak with us ahead of his 2012 Agile Development Conference session titled “Understanding Scrum: An Experiential Workshop.” Mitch shared with us how truly understanding scrum and agile allows for a smooth transition and effective results.

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