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Mobile Test Automation: The Tool Landscape | Gallop

The tool landscape is becoming quite robust, and there are several factors to consider: a variety of tool features, various operating systems that are supported (or not), and device compatibility, to name a few.

Download this white paper to get a crash course on vital requirements for mobile test automation tools, and learn which tools meet common requirements.

Mobile Performance Testing | Gallop

Performance testing—server-side and client/device-side—should be mandatory for all enterprise applications. However, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing when it comes to performance testing. Depending on the technology, scale, and application under test, you need to take a risk-based, hybrid approach. 

In this white paper, you will learn about the challenges of mobile performance testing and key strategies and tools to improve your processes and methods.

Load & Performance Testing in Production | Neotys

Teams are often forced to test in production, which introduces considerable risk and can bring on an onslaught of challenges for even the most experienced testers. 

Luckily, there are ways that test teams can considerably reduce this risk and overcome testing in production challenges—only if close attention is paid to the impact on the live environment and real users.

Load Testing at the Speed of Agile | Neotys

This white paper outlines the challenges of load and performance testing in an agile environment and offers key, proven best practices for implementing continuous load testing in your agile projects.

Testing managers, agile practitioners, and anyone participating in agile or “agile-like” development teams will benefit from this in-depth white paper. You will learn:

Mobile Load Testing Challenges | Neotys

Although load testing mobile apps shares many best practices with web app performance testing, there are critical nuances and unique use cases to consider. 

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need a shiny, new mobile-specific load testing toolset to get the job done. However, you do need tools that the dev/test team can use to leverage their existing skills for designing and parameterizing scripts, running tests, and analyzing results.

Download this 13-page technical white paper to learn about:

Modern Load Testing | Neotys

This load testing eBook provides practical information on how to execute efficient performance testing in today’s application environments. Learn proven and practical methods for establishing a performance testing strategy, modelling performance tests, and executing these tests.

Agile for Dummies | IBM

In Agile for Dummies, an IBM eBook, you’ll learn the fundamentals of agile development from A to Z—and more. See how software teams increase their productivity and produce higher-quality applications that more quickly fulfill customer needs. 

Answers to Common Agile Questions—Bridging the Gap | Jama

Download Five Challenges to Agile Planning to learn the major agile planning roadblocks that lead to failure, as well as advice on how to make agile work for your entire team.

An Insider's Guide to Agile Testing and Service Virtualization | IBM

This eKit of resources from IBM details how agile teams are revamping their test tool strategies to work well in agile contexts and implementing service virtualization as a means to test earlier and automate more of their testing.

A Modern Take on the Agile Manifesto | Jama

Download this eBook for an opportunity to rethink the Agile Manifesto. View agile in a new light and deconstruct which concepts were home runs and which still need to evolve.

Mobile Testing Requires a Different Approach | Keynote

When you build mobile apps and push them out too quickly, you are treating your initial users like testers and risking low ratings or outright rejection.
With cloud-based mobile testing and checking tools readily available, there is no excuse for such high-risk practices. Comprehensive mobile app testing is crucial!
Download this paper to learn more about mobile app testing now.

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