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With the OutSystems Agile Platform you can develop and change web applications 10.9× faster!

This is a complete solution that covers the entire life-cycle of web applications: you can integrate, develop, deploy, manage and change your enterprise web apps using the same toolset:
- Visual IDE to create and change all aspects of web apps (datamodel, logic, UI, security, web services, business processes...)
- 1-click deployment and roll-back, in the cloud or on-premise;
- Generates standard .Net and Java code;

Agileload is an enterprise-class load testing solution.

Intechnica developed CloudFlex as a way to simplify the process of provisioning environments in Amazon’s EC2 without the need for additional training or experience in cloud computing, thanks to a clean and intuitive interface. By using virtual machines in Amazon’s EC2, appropriate environments can be created on demand at any time, before being shut down when finished with. A halted environment incurs no cost, so you only pay for what you use, allowing managers to take total control over costs via the templates & a scheduler systems.

Deployit rapidly deploys applications onto all major middleware enviroments like IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, Liferay and to cloud environments such as VMware, Red Hat & IBM. Deployit is uniquely extensible, seemlessly integrating with all leading application lifecycle tooling.

Easy-to-use web-based collaboration and project management tool with a free business marketplace which allows you to find appropriate professionals and businesses for collaboration.

AgileWrap empowers organizations to optimize their agile product development process by enabling effective planning, providing real-time visibility, incorporating early feedback from customers, and facilitating easy collaboration in distributed teams.
AgileWrap adapts seamlessly to your environment in order to enhance your operations and scales as you grow. AgileWrap makes adoption and execution of Agile, Lean and Hybrid practices easier and faster.
AgileWrap is on-demand, fast, secure, and affordable. Start with 5 users Free plan.

Save time, stop collecting reports - gain visibility across projects with real time reporting and streams. Start new projects in seconds - create a standardized project template once to avoid startup overhead. Be efficient - identify which contributors are busy and which have unallocated time

Easily browse files online, compare revisions, comment on code, link to tickets and see all repository activity. All you have to worry about is creating awesome code

Datadog is a monitoring service for IT, Dev and Ops teams who write and run applications at scale, and want to turn the massive amounts of data produced by their apps, tools and services into actionable insight.

ElectricAccelerator breaks the software production bottleneck by accurately executing builds across a cluster of servers, dramatically reducing build times. Patented technology identifies and corrects job dependencies so you get fast and accurate builds. ElectricAccelerator supports Make, NMake, Ant, SCons and Visual Studio builds. With ElectricAccelerator developers spend less time waiting for builds to complete and can spend more time creating great code.

Gemini is your one stop shop for bug and issue tracking, helpdesk support, ITIL compliance and more. Gemini provides you with a unique way of viewing your work / backlog using workspaces.
Gemini is fully extensible using its app framework where you can develop custom apps to extend Gemini's functionally.

LISA offers Service Virtualization, Defect Collaboration, automated Testing and Cloud-based Development Lab solutions through a single, unified product platform. Using LISA, customers eliminate constraints from the software development lifeycle, reduce manual labor costs of testing, and mitigate the risks of change and complexity for more reliable outcomes.

Practitest is a SaaS-based Solution that supports the entire QA & testing life-cycle, including requirements, tests, issues and reporting.

PractiTest provides central management to the entire QA process, across distributed projects and teams. An advanced reporting mechanism provide a clear and concise view of overall QA efforts, including multiple teams, projects and platforms.

As a SaaS product, PractiTest combines easy deployment, low cost of ownership and lower purchasing risk, with high return on investment.

QuickScrum, a highly versatile and powerful Scrum project management tool, offers a plethora of features and facilities to carry out development based upon scrum methodology. The tool is designed and developed specially for carrying out Agile scrum development work, and helps to save time, reduce operational overheads, and increase the development team’s productivity, which can lead to higher profits. Please visit to know more about the product and features.

Rally Community Edition is a free 10-seat subscription to Rally’s award-winning Agile lifecycle management solutions. It is an ideal alternative to open source project management tools because it enables your team to pilot Agile in a no-cost, low burden Software-as-a-Service environment. Rally Community Edition also provides a seamless upgrade path to Rally Enterprise Edition, so you can incrementally adopt and scale Agile.

Tellurium is your complete solution for collaborative testing and test management. Create, modify, execute, and report on your tests from anywhere on any device with a web browser, easily scaling your manual and automated testing efforts by harnessing the power of the cloud. Tellurium’s “Plain English” automated scripting language goes beyond keyword and data driven testing. Easily leverage from any methodology, including Agile, TDD, and BDD. Our powerful SaaS solution is available at your fingertips as soon as you sign up -- no installation required.

TOMOS is the premier light-weight, SaaS solution for application lifecycle quality management.

As a collaborative solution that is targeted at Analysts, Developers, Testers and Project Managers, TOMOS provides modules for requirements management, test authoring/execution and defect management along with a built-in methodology for each module and workflows for each role. All in a centralized, web-based system so your team can access TOMOS anytime, anywhere. And with a SaaS model, no technical support is needed.

The Zephyr Enterprise Edition is an on-demand, real-time Test Management platform that manages all aspects of a testing life cycle, integrates various test tools and systems, and provides global access, collaboration and management visibility.

Available as hosted SaaS and On-premise, Zephyr has an affordable, subscription-based global licensing model. Built to be robust and handle large volumes, Zephyr scales easily with the needs of enterprise IT and engineering teams. Zephyr also has full 2-way integration with JIRA and Bugzilla.

Agile Designer™ is the ultimate test case design tool from Grid-Tools. Agile Designer™ lets you design clear, unambiguous logic, user stories and test cases all in one go. Having designed the perfect set of test cases, you can find and make the ‘right data’ and link it directly to their requirements.

The software gives the ability to ensure that you cover 100% of the requirements in the minimal number of tests. You can also accurately estimate costs at the click of a button, optimize tests, manage changing requirements, reduce defect creation by 95%, manage outsourcing and more.

EcoSystem for Test Environment Management.

A solution that improves DevTest productivity by providing E2E systems transparency, planning & coordination, lean service operations. and self service automation.

HP Service Virtualization software allows development and testing teams to access limited or unavailable services in a simulated, virtual environment. This easy-to-use solution speeds application delivery, eliminates risks and reduces cost by virtualizing services within existing environments. By enabling parallel development and early functional testing, it eliminates wait times. HP Service Virtualization also reduces the use of high-cost, business-critical infrastructure or pay-per-use components for testing.

IncrediBuild accelerates development via efficient parallel computing, transforming a local or cloud-based network into a “virtual supercomputer.” Processes are distributed to remote CPU resources for parallel processing, speeding all development tasks, including builds, unit testing, QA scripts, code analysis, code generation, image processing, video and graphics rendering, platform conversion, physical and lighting engine management, compression, etc. IncrediBuild is tuned for development with Visual Studio, Make, MSBuild, Gmake, VSimake, Jam, nAnt, Jom, Python, VsiMake, BJam, Jam+, etc., and on Xbox, Wii, Nintendo, and PlayStation.

KaNest host simulator (KN-S) is used to test terminals in transactional environment. KN-S validates received requests and sends back responses to the terminal.
KaNest is a well known test tool used to test POS Terminal, ECR, as well as Acquirers hosts. The test automation capabilities provided by KN-S is used to automate testing and thus reduce test costs. It also reduces the need for costly test environment by providing an easy to manage server simulator.

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