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If you are going to STAREAST in Orlando in May, you might want to drop by the Jambo booth or check out the lightning talks session. If you are going to the Better Software Conference in September, you might want to give a lightning talk--see

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I would like to thank Tom Demarco, Tim Lister, Ward Cunningham, Jerry Weinberg, and Esther Derby (just a few of the thought leaders on this issue), and Danny Faught and Esther Derby who reviewed this article.

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The Managing Consultant at Excelon Development, Matt Heusser is probably best known for his writing. In addition to currently serving as managing editor of, Matt was the lead editor for "How To Reduce The Cost Of Software Testing" (Taylor and Francis, 2011). He has served both as a board member for the Association for Software Testing and as a part-time instructor in Information Systems for Calvin College.

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