Agile Resiliency: An Interview with Jeff Dalton


JD: Exactly. So, companies can still start saying we want you to be level three to work with us because that's really ... CMMI is nothing more than a definition of how a great company performs.  The problem with it is when people use it to achieve a certification.  They start doing things that aren't great.  We want to use it as a way to improve the way we perform. So, we use it, we bang it up against the Scrum frame work and it turns out it makes Scrum super resilient and super powerful.  It gives us the ability to repeat it over and over again.  It gives us the ability to scale it at our companies.  So, when we apply CMMI to a project that uses the Scrum or Scrums approach, where we might have a Scrum team running seven, eight, nine, ten other Scrum teams, all in synchrony, the CMMI is the perfect too to make this work.  That's what we're focused on and that's what this message is about. 

JV: Got you.

JD: And the reception has been incredible. We're just flying all over the country doing this for companies.  Really, all over the world. We've just got so much going on, it's been crazy.  So, we're really excited about it.

JV: Very cool stuff.  Sounds very exciting.  So, any final things you'd like to leave our listeners regarding your upcoming presentation?

JD:: Well, I think that if you want to learn about immediate ways to strengthen your approach to agile, but not only that, make it scalable, and make it accepted by your senior management company, than this is the presentation you want.

JV:: Got you.  All right, Jeff.  Thank you so much for taking time out of your day.

JD:: Excellent, Jonathan.  I really appreciate the time.

JV:: Yes, definitely.

JD:: Have a great day.

JV:: You too.


Jeff DaltonCertified SCAMPI lead appraiser and CMMI instructor Jeff Dalton is an author, a consultant with more than twenty-five years of software process improvement experience, and president of Broadsword, a management consulting firm serving North American clients in the aerospace, commercial software, automotive, embedded engineering, manufacturing, and DoD market sectors. 

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