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Testing Lessons Learned from the Great Detectives[presentation]

What the great detectives have taught me about testing.

Robert Sabourin,
Heuristics for Rapid Test Management[presentation]

Whether you are a tester or a test manager, Jon Bach believes you have little time to do the things you want to do. Even the things on your "absolutely must do" list are competing for your limited time.

Jon Bach, Quardev, Inc.
How Google Tested Chrome[presentation]

Ever wish you could peek inside a big, high-tech company and see how they actually do testing? Well, now you can.

Sebastian Schiavone, Google
Implementing Agile Testing[presentation]

Once the company decides to move to an agile development methodology, questions invariably arise: How should we implement this methodology? What are the expected benefits and pitfalls? How does testing fit into this new approach?

Robert Reff, Thomas Reuters
Performance Testing Throughout the Life Cycle[presentation]

Even though it is easy to say that you should continuously test your application for performance during development, how do you really do it? What are the processes for testing performance early and often?

Chris Patterson, Microsoft
I Wouldn't Have Seen It If I Hadn't Believed It: Confirmation Bias in Testing[presentation]

"It ain't what we don't know that gives us trouble; it's what we know that ain't so." Will Rogers was talking about confirmation bias-the tendency to feel secure in our beliefs rather than to seek evidence that might challenge them.

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense
A Test Odyssey: Building a High Performance, Distributed Team[presentation]

It seemed simple enough-hire the best available technical staff that would work from home to build some great software.

Matthew Heusser, Socialtext
The Elusive Tester-Developer Ratio[presentation]

Perhaps the most sought after and least understood metric in software testing is the ratio of testers to developers.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services
Virtualizing Overutilized Systems to Eliminate Testing Constraints[presentation]

Organizations currently are using virtualization in the test lab to eliminate underutilized systems such as physical computers and software.

Ken Ahrens, iTKO
Executable Specs w/ FitNesse Selenium[presentation]

"Executable Specifications with FitNesse and Selenium."

Dawn Cannan, DocSite LLC
Meet "Ellen": Improving Software Quality through Personas[presentation]

Users are the ultimate judge of the software we deliver because it is critical to their success and the success of their business. However, as a tester, do you really understand their tasks, skills, motivation, and work style?

David Elizondo, Microsoft Corporation
Service-driven Test Management[presentation]

Over the years, the test manager's role has evolved from "struggling to get involved early" to today's more common "indispensable partner in project success." In the past, when "us vs.

Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services BV
Chartering the Course: Guiding Exploratory Testing[presentation]

Charters help you guide and focus exploratory testing. Well-formed charters help testers find defects that matter and provide vital information to stakeholders about the quality and state of the software under test.

Robert Sabourin,
Virtual Test Labs in the Cloud[presentation]

In most software engineering organizations, development and test labs continuously demand regular computer, storage, and networking infrastructure upgrades and continuous support.

Jacob Ben-David, VMLogix, Inc.
Test Automation Success: Choosing the Right People and Process[presentation]

Many testing organizations mistakenly declare success when they first introduce test automation into an application or system. However, the true measure of success is sustaining and growing the automation suite over time.

Kiran Pyneni, Aetna, Inc.


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