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Squeezing Bugs out of Mission-Critical Software with Session-Based Testing[presentation]

Software created in regulated industries such as medical devices must be developed and tested according to agency-imposed process standards. Every requirement must be tested, and every risk must be mitigated. Could defects

David James, HEI, Inc. Advanced Medical Division
Tomorrow's Test Lab Today: One-Touch Test Bed Automation[presentation]

Many software organizations are struggling with the complexity of their testing environments especially with the rapidly growing number of production environments.

Steven Kishi, VMware
All I Need to Know about Testing I Learned from Dr. Seuss[presentation]

Through the stories and parables of Theodor Geisel, we can learn simple, yet remarkably powerful approaches for solving testing problems.

Robert Sabourin, Inc
Lightning Talks: A Potpourri of 5-Minute Presentations[presentation]

Lightning Talks are nine five-minute talks in a fifty-minute time period. Lightning Talks represent a much smaller investment of time than track speaking and offer

Robert Sabourin, Inc
Using Mind Maps to Document Exploratory Testing[presentation]

Mind maps were developed in the late 1960s by Tony Buzan as a way of helping students take notes using only key words and images. Mind maps are quick to record and because of their visual approach, much easier to remember and review.

Samuli Lahnamäki, Tieto-X
Keyword-Driven Methodology: An Automation Success Story[presentation]

Successfully implementing any automation tool is challenging. Using keyworddriven testing for system and regression testing is an additional challenge. Paulo Barros shares the techniques he used to build, manage, and deliver

Paulo Barros, Progressive Insurance
Rapid Thinking: When Time Is Tight[presentation]

How many different kinds of yellow fruit can you name in one minute? Try it and the tension may feel familiar, like testing under a deadline-ideas quickly come to mind (or perhaps they don't), flashes of victory when you find a good

Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories
Management Networking[presentation]

Sometimes, it feels as if you're the only test/development/projectmanager/director/VP you know with your particular problems. But I can guarantee you this-you're not alone. If you have problems you'd like to

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
ISTQB Certification: Setting the Standard for Tester Professionalism[presentation]

A good test certification program confirms, through objective exams, the knowledge and professional capabilities of software testers. The International

Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting
Testing Web Applications for Security Defects[presentation]

Approximately three-fourths of today’s successful system security breaches are perpetrated not through network or operating system security flaws, but through

Brian Christian, SPI Dynamics Inc
Introducing Test Automation: The Pain and Gain of the First Year[presentation]

Are you contemplating moving from totally manual testing to automated testing? Andy Redwood shares a case study of a leading financial organization in the UK that did exactly that. Their goal was to automate testing using the

Andy Redwood, Neutrino Systems
A Risk-Based Approach to End-to-End System Testing[presentation]

You've performed unit, integration, functional, performance, security, and usability testing. Are you ready to go live with this new application? Not unless you've performed end-to-end system testing.

Marie Was, CNA Insurance Co
Step Away from the Tests: Take a Quality Break[presentation]

Designing, implementing, and executing tests is critically important, but testers sometimes need to take a break. John Lambert describes four un-testing techniques that can quickly improve quality: watching bugs, helping

John Lambert, Microsoft Corporation
Building a Fully-Virtualized Test Lab[presentation]

For many organizations, creating a testing environment to replicate every combination of hardware and software that their users have is cost prohibitive.

Ian Robinson, VMware
Testing for the Five Most Dangerous Security Vulnerabilities[presentation]

Today, secure applications are vital for every organization. Security attacks seem to come from every corner of the globe. If your applications are breached, your organization could lose millions.

Joe Basirico, Security Innovation LLC


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