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How to Fake a Test Project[presentation]

It has never been easier to fool your manager into thinking that you're doing a great job testing! James Bach covers all of today's most respected test fakery.

James Bach, Satisfice Inc
Automated Software Audits for Assessing Product Readiness[presentation]

Rather than continually adding more testing, whether manual or automated, how can you assess the readiness of a software product or application for release?

Susan Kunz, Solidware Technologies, Inc.
Harnessing the Power of Randomized Unit Testing[presentation]

It is a problem all testers have had. We write tests believing we know how the system should behave, what inputs will precede others, and which calls will be made first and which will be made last.

James Andrews, University of Western Ontario
Unit Testing Code Coverage: Myths, Mistakes, and Realities[presentation]

You've committed to an agile process that encourages test driven development. That decision has fostered a concerted effort to actively unit test your code. But, you may be wondering about the effectiveness of those tests.

Andrew Glover, Stelligent
11 Ways Agile Adoptions Fail[article]

Usually, when Jean Tabaka lists practices, techniques, ideas, or recommendations about software development, she sticks with the number ten. It's nice and neat and has a fine history of enumeration cleanliness dating back to the Old Testament. But for agile adoption failures, Jean thinks it is time to invoke some Spinal Tap and go to eleven. Here are her top eleven signs that your agile adoption is headed down a slippery slope to failure.

Jean Tabaka's picture Jean Tabaka
Finding Success in System Testing[presentation]

To achieve success in system testing-efficiently preventing important defects from reaching users-technical excellence is certainly necessary but it is not sufficient.

Nathan Petschenik, Software Testing Services, Inc.
STAREAST 2007: Lightning Talks: A Potpourri of 5-minute Presentations[presentation]

Lightning Talks are nine five-minute talks in a fifty-minute time period. Lightning Talks represent a much smaller investment of time than track speaking and offer the chance to try conference speaking without the heavy commitment.

Matthew Heusser, Priority-Health
Build a Model-Based Testing Framework for Dynamic Automation[presentation]

The promises of faster, better, and cheaper testing through automation are rarely realized. Most test automation scripts simply repeat the same test steps every time.

Ben Simo, Standard & Poor's
Keyword-Driven Test Automation Illuminated[presentation]

Test Automation has come a long way in the last twenty years. During that time many of today's most popular test execution automation tools have come into use, and a variety of implementation methods have been tried and tested.

Mark Fewster, Grove Consultants
Testing Requirements: Ensuring Quality Before the Coding Begins[presentation]

Software that performs well is useless if it ultimately fails to meet user needs and requirements.

Joe Marasco, Ravenflow
Crucial Test Conversations[presentation]

Many test managers feel that Development or Management or The Business does not understand or support the contributions of their test teams. You know what? They're probably right! However, once we accept that fact, we should ask: Why?

Robert Galen, RGCG, LLC
Testing the Heathrow Terminal 5 Baggage Handling System (Before It Is Built)[presentation]

London Heathrow Terminal 5 will open in March 2008. This new terminal will handle 30 million passengers a year, and all of these passengers will expect their baggage to accompany them on their flights.

Roger Derksen, Transfer Solutions BV
Business Rules-Based Test Automation[presentation]

All business applications implement business rules. Unfortunately, the rules can be very dynamic due to changes in requirements by external organizations and internal forces.

Harish Krishnankutty, Infosys Technologies Limited
Risk-Based Testing from Theory to Practice[presentation]

With mounting pressure to deliver high-quality applications at breakneck speed, the need for risk-based testing has increased dramatically. In fact, now practically everyone involved in testing claims to be doing risk-based testing.

Susan Herrick, EDS - Global Testing Organization
Employ Tomorrow's Customers to Staff Your Testing Team Today[presentation]

Regression testing of the Vital Images' medical imaging software was a continual challenge.

Alex Dietz, Vital Images Inc


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