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Test Design with Risk in Mind[magazine]

Sometimes in testing we find problems that surprise us. And that's where risk-based testing comes in. Build your tests around "What if...?" statements to help you anticipate problems before they arise.

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
The Plight of the Servant Leader[magazine]

A ScrumMaster's accomplishments often are overshadowed by the success of his team. But like every human, these leaders have a need for esteem and self-fulfillment. Learn ways you can help to increase your ScrumMaster's job satisfaction.

Stacia Broderick's picture Stacia Broderick
Putting Policy in Its Place[magazine]

Establishing policies is the easy part. How do you ensure those policies are being universally applied and adopted? Find out how Microsoft's Policy Injection Application Block can help solve some of your policy dilemmas.

Tod Golding's picture Tod Golding
Meeting Agenda #1: Start on Time[article]

Our society is founded on the importance of meetings, and it seems that the higher on the corporate ladder one climbs, the more meetings he must attend. Indeed, one of Michele Sliger's coworkers calculated that the amount of time she spends arranging meetings, getting to meetings, and in meetings equates to almost her entire workweek-thirty-six hours on average. Even though we may lose track of time in meetings, we all are painfully aware of the time we spend waiting for everyone to show up. In this column, Michele Sliger explains some of the tactics she's seen teams use to ensure that meetings start on time.

Michele Sliger's picture Michele Sliger
APLN 2006 - Pollyanna Pixton - Agile Leadership[article]

Pollyanna Pixton gives a presentation to the Washington DC APLN chapter in 2006.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
Why Use Agile Processes Outside of IT?[article]

Liz Barnett writes that beyond IT, the most frequent adoption of agile processes is found in teams using Scrum for team management. Agile processes won't provide the answers to all of our challenges. But if you dig beneath the surface, you might discover some interesting ways to use these ideas to address complex problems.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Disciplined Approach to Adopting Agile: Four-Step Process[article]

The agile community needs a structured approach to help it with its agile adoption efforts. Here we present the Agile Adoption Framework, a four-stage process for adopting agile software development.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Aligning Agile Efforts with Business Goals[article]

A phrase heard often in agile development practices discussions is "let the product lead." Applied correctly, these four words powerfully focus an agile team's energy directly on work that provides the highest business value. Traditional engineering practices that focus on process often divert a technology team's energy away from quick delivery of business value, and toward design of infrastructure and architecture.

Guy Beaver's picture Guy Beaver
Eye on the Prize: Best Practices for Aligning Agile Efforts with Business Goals[article]

A phrase heard often in Agile discussions is "Let the product lead." Applied correctly, these four words powerfully focus an Agile team's energy directly on work that provides the highest business value. Deep focus on technology decisions breaks the line-of-sight with business goals, creates opportunities for over-engineering, and requires complex tracing activities, which ultimately slow the process.

Guy Beaver's picture Guy Beaver
RailsEdge 2007 - Bruce William - His talks and the Ruby/Rails Community[article]

Bruce Williams talks about the RailsEdge, Rails Plugins, and UI Frameworks, as well as the tools that are available to Ruby and Rails developers and how these combined with attitude within the community may have created the sweet spot that Rails now occupies.

Bob Payne's picture Bob Payne
Global Agile Development: How Investing in the Right Team Impacts Long-Term Rewards[article]

Many software development organizations are electing to implement Agile development methodologies in order to take advantage of the cost, quality, and time-to-market benefits commonly achieved with this approach. At the same time, these organizations are moving software development offshore to take advantage of greater scalability and quot;round the clockquot; development cycles. However, in combining these two efforts, the highly collaborative nature of Agile is tested as teams are faced with cultural challenges and necessary work habit shifts. If you are considering implementing a Global Agile approach to software development, then it is imperative to focus on an often underappreciated aspect of this initiative: building the right team. This is the most critical step in delivering the benefits of Global Agile development.

TechWell Contributor's picture TechWell Contributor
Making the Case[article]

As a test manager, you constantly are looking at what you need in order to carry out the mission of your group. You know that you need several resources to do your job, but when you go to your manager looking for resources, her eye goes immediately to the bottom line. When it appears as if there's no way to make your boss comply with your requests, Esther Derby has a tactic that will help you make your boss see things your way.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
Do You Work in IT?[magazine]

A self-professed latecomer to IT, Danny Faught has a new appreciation for the challenges faced when developing products for an internal customer rather than products for sale.

Danny R. Faught's picture Danny R. Faught
Reap the Rewards of Recognition[magazine]

Everyone likes to feel as if her hard work and good deeds have been appreciated. In this installment of Management Chronicles we discover how the words "thank you" can become a powerful management tool.

Naomi Karten's picture Naomi Karten
The Whorfian Hypothesis[magazine]

Benjamin Whorf hypothesized that the language we speak constrains the thoughts we can have. Learn how a well-developed organizational vocabulary can help increase the quality of your products.

Lee Copeland's picture Lee Copeland


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