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Managing Offshore XP Teams: Organizational Models and Tools[article]

The essence of Extreme Programming (XP) is making the customer a part of the team who works very closely with the developers, ideally communicating on a daily basis. However, what about a situation where your development team is offshore? Is it possible to have the best of both worlds, realizing the gains of offshoring without losing the benefits of XP? How do you keep the momentum and the communication flow going, at the same time ensuring seamless integration of the deliverables into the customer's production environment at the XP pace?

Peter Vaihansky's picture Peter Vaihansky
William Robert Elmendorf: In Memoriam[magazine]

A look back at the life of Bill Elmendorf.

Richard Bender's picture Richard Bender
Planting Seeds of Software Awareness[magazine]

Some of the most powerful tools for software developers are now free--a fact which Chris McMahon believes should help bring small businesses and local developers together in the creation of custom software. Read of how he plans to accomplish this on a local level.

Chris McMahon's picture Chris McMahon
The $60 Web-Testing Toolbox[magazine]

A tester can use a Web browser all day to conduct functional testing, but a browser won’t provide much detail or insight on its own. Learn how to improve your functional Web-testing capabilities on a budget with thes $60 Web-Testing Toolbox.

Brent Strange's picture Brent Strange
Overtime Under Control[magazine]

Test managers are in the precarious position of being responsible to both the project and the team, but the manager and team know best whether overtime will help or hinder project progress. In this installment of "Management Chronicles," a test manager keeps the concerns of her team in mind when evaluating the need for overtime.

Fiona Charles's picture Fiona Charles
Master of Your Domain[magazine]

Function testing is easy, according to Michael Bolton, and domain testing is only a little harder--but there are catches. In this column, he offers some tips to help you keep the risks of domain testing under control.

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
The Power of Persuasion[magazine]

Twenty years ago, Brian Marick defined a small startup's company process and coding standard in his position as head of quality assurance--and didn't win any popularity points. Looking back, Brian thinks that he and others in charge of process would be more successful using persuasion than using commands.

Brian Marick's picture Brian Marick
The More Things Change ... Revisiting a Software Culture[magazine]

In 1994, Karl Wiegers published a popular article titled Creating a Software Engineering Culture. More than a decade later, he reviews his fourteen principles on software development to see how they've stood the test of time.

Karl E. Wiegers's picture Karl E. Wiegers
japanese "ba" and the Art of Development Environments[magazine]

The flow of knowledge is more than mental. Better your team and improve your output through an adjustment in physical surroundings. Jean Tabaka describes the Japanese philosophy of "ba" and what it can mean to you and your development team.

Jean Tabaka's picture Jean Tabaka
Risky Business: A Safe Approach to Risk-Based Testing[magazine]

When you’ve got more tests than time, you prioritize based on risks. But risk-based testing has risks of its own. Randall Rice offers some advice on balancing risks with contingencies to take some of the bite out of risk-based testing.

Randy Rice's picture Randy Rice
Finding the Missing LINQ[magazine]

After years of searching for and being disappointed by database tools, Tod Golding found a solution when he wasn't looking. Microsoft's Language Integrated Query (LINQ) provides a dynamic bridge for the gap between developer and database.

Tod Golding's picture Tod Golding
Hurdling Roadblocks[article]

We all encounter things at work that impede our progress. Having the skill to effectively deal with the roadblocks makes a big difference in your overall productivity. Will you get a reputation as a whiner or as someone who pushes through obstacles? In this week's column, Danny Faught offers help with two common types of roadblocks and gives suggestions for reducing the chances that any barricade will impact your schedule.

Danny R. Faught's picture Danny R. Faught
Blink . . . or You'll Miss It[magazine]

Michael Bolton takes some tips from Malcolm Gladwell's hit book "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" to change his perspective, remove extra information, and look for hidden patterns in using the aptly named "blink testing."

Michael Bolton's picture Michael Bolton
Introducing XP Turns Waterfall Project Around[article]

Conventional wisdom is that complex projects involving large groups of engineers can not benefit from the application of Agile techniques. Certain Agile practices, when properly used, can benefit even relatively large development projects with large teams. What's even more interesting, these practices can be introduced in "mid-stream" with little preparation to large teams of "old school" developers. These developers may initially resist the methodology, but the Agile practices still win people over and bring tremendous results in productivity, product quality, and team morale in a very short period of time.  

Peter Vaihansky's picture Peter Vaihansky
Geographically Challenged[magazine]

Office politics are a fact of life in the workplace, but they sometimes spill over and affect employees' lives outside the office as well. In this tale by Leonidas Hepis, office politics endanger a QA team member's work and her family time.

Leonidas Hepis's picture Leonidas Hepis


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