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She Said, He Heard: Challenges and Triumphs in Global Outsourcing[presentation]

You are asked to put together a QA group in India that will work in tandem with your US team to provide twenty-four hour support for a global financial company.

Judy Hallstrom, Franklin Templeton Investments
You'll Be Surprised by the Things Testers Miss[presentation]

Why do some bugs lie undetected until live operation of the software and then almost immediately bite us?

James Lyndsay, Workroom Productions
The Last Presentation on Test Estimation You Will Ever Need to Attend[presentation]

Estimating the test effort for a project has always been a thorn in the test manager's side. How do you get close to something reasonable when there are so many variables to consider?

Geoff Horne, Geoff Horne Testing
Risk-Based Testing in Practice[presentation]

The testing community has been talking about risk-based testing for quite a while, and now most projects apply some sort of implicit risk-based testing approach.

Erik van Veenendaal, Improve Quality Services BV
Testing and the Flow of Value in Software Development[presentation]

High quality software should be measured by the value it delivers to customers, and high quality software process should be measured by the continual flow of customer value.

Sam Guckenheimer, Microsoft
Model-Based Security Testing[presentation]

Preventing the release of exploitable software defects is critical for all applications. Traditional software testing approaches are insufficient, and generic tools are incapable of properly targeting your code.

Kyle Larsen, Microsoft Corporation
Don't Whine - Build Your Own Test Tools[presentation]

The highly customized hardware-software system making up the new flight operations system for the world's largest airline did not lend itself to off-the-shelf tools for test automation.

Clay Bailey, IBM
Patterns for Reusable Test Cases[presentation]

You can think of Q-Patterns as a structured set of questions (tests) about the different aspects of a software application under test. They are questions about the system that are categorized, grouped, sorted, and saved for reuse.

Vipul Kocher, PureTesting
Acceptance Testing: What It is and How To Do It Better - in Context[presentation]

When test engineers use the term "acceptance testing," they might be saying and thinking profoundly different things.

Michael Bolton, DevelopSense
Security Testing: Are You a Deer in the Headlights?[presentation]

With frequent reports in the news of successful hacker attacks on Web sites, application security is no longer an afterthought.

Ryan English, SPI Dynamics Inc
Testing Outside the Bachs[presentation]

Simply put, exploratory testing means designing your tests as you perform them. When it's done well, it's a fantastically productive and rewarding approach to testing. However, to do it well requires training, practice, and discipline.

James Bach, Satisfice, Inc. and Jon Bach, Quardev Laboratories
Automated Setup and Tear Down of Complex, Multi-tier Test Configurations[presentation]

Many software test and development teams struggle to test systems with complex set-up steps and multiple configurations.

James Phillips, Akimbi Systems
Code Coverage: Where Does it Fit?[presentation]

Many organizations use code coverage almost religiously in their testing. Just as many or more organizations do not use code coverage or have tried it and stopped.

Dale Brenneman, McCabe Software
A Balanced Scorecard Approach for Assessing Test Value and Success[presentation]

Internal test metrics--test progress, defect density, and TPI/TMM measures on process improvement-do not reveal the complete picture of test value and success.

Isabel Evans, Testing Solutions Group Ltd
CMMI Level 5: How Our Test Organization Got There[presentation]

Achieving CMMI® Level 5 Capability as an independent test organization takes a tremendous effort. However, achieving CMMI® Level 5 or a lower level compliance is not out of your reach.

Kristen Bevans, IBM - Global Testing Organization


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