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Testing Dialogues- Management Issues[presentation]

Looking for a way to gain feedback from you testing peers
on real-world issues? Testing dialogues are a unique
platform for you to share your ideas and learn from
experienced testers from around the world. Facilitated by

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
Beyond GUI: What You Need to Know about Database Testing[presentation]

Today's complex software systems access heterogeneous data from a variety of back-end databases. The intricate mix of client-server and Web-enabled database applications are extremely difficult to test productively.

Mary Sweeney, Exceed Training
Test Automation with Open Source Tools using An Agile Development Process[presentation]

Test automation, open source tools, and agile methods are three important trends in software development.

Peter Dignan, ProtoTest LLC
Are You Hiring Yesterday's Testers?[presentation]

Testing a risky software-intensive system is sometimes just as difficult as creating the system itself. And developing unit tests for each path or object individually is not sufficient testing for most applications.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
A Whodunit? Testing Lessons from the Great Detectives[presentation]

What can we learn from Sherlock Holmes, Quincy, Joe Friday, Dick Tracy, Lt. Colombo, MacGyver, and other famous detectives to help your team become great testers?

Robert Sabourin, Inc
High Volume Test Automation[presentation]

Most test design starts from the premise that extensive testing is not possible--too may tests, not enough time. What if we could generate millions of tests, execute them, and evaluate them automatically.

Cem Kaner, Florida Institute of Technology
Testing "Best Practices": From Microsoft's Context to Yours[presentation]

Testing is a never-ending series of trade-off decisions, what to test and what not to test; when to stop testing and release the product; how to budget your testing resources for automated vs.

Barry Preppernau, Microsoft Corporation
Becoming a Trusted Advisor to Senior Management[presentation]

How can Test Managers present information about test results so that the correct message is received by decision-makers?

Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants
Quick Start to Quality - Five Important Test Support Practices[presentation]

As testers, we understand the virtues of clear equirements, effective configuration management, software inspections and reviews, project planning, and project tracking.

Louise Tamres, The Tamres Group
A Day in the Life of a Test Manager[presentation]

During every project, test managers face many issues and challenges and often have to make difficult judgement calls.

Clive Bates, Grove Consultants
Win-Win Delegation[article]

If you're a manager, you probably know what it's like to have more work than you can possibly do. However, it's unlikely you'll receive approval to hire another "you." How can you free up some time to focus on the strategic work of management? You may have an untapped resource in your group. Take a look at the career aspirations of your staff: Does anyone want to move up to be a team lead or manager? Delegating a defined chunk of management work can give someone the chance to try on a new role and learn a new skill.

Esther Derby's picture Esther Derby
One Process is Not a Fit For All Projects[article]

We should know that software development methods are situational, so why do so many people believe one process should work for every project? One size does not fit all and rarely do quick-fix methods help the process fit. In this week's column, Pete McBreen considers why we jump on the latest software development trend and what the fallout is when the trend and the project don't match.

Pete McBreen's picture Pete McBreen
A Look at IntelliJ IDEA3[magazine]

Get the scoop on this refactoring tool from JetBrains.

Andrew Geweke's picture Andrew Geweke
Pay No Attention to the Quality Behind the Curtain[magazine]

To continue our series exploring what it means to care about quality and to build better software, we spoke with Compuware executive David Kapelanski, who says that true quality is invisible.

Pam Young's picture Pam Young
The Interior Department and Intelligent Life? Yahoo![magazine]

Get the software engineering slant on items from the recent news.

Heather Shanholtzer's picture Heather Shanholtzer


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