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Risk Based Testing for Measured "Go/No Go" Decisions[presentation]

Fewer resources-more work-shorter deadlines-critical business applications ... what impact do these factors have on your application delivery? Do you question the "Go/No Go" recommendations you've provided to management?

Dave Kapelanski, Compuware Corporation
QA Practice in High Maturity Organizations[presentation]

If your organization aspires to higher maturity, such as CMMI® Level 4 or 5, your Quality Assurances process capability must measure up.

Steve Thompson, BAE Systems
Take Your Iterative Development Practices to the Next Level[presentation]

Whether you are using the Rational Unified Process (RUP), agile methods, spiral development, or a home grown iterative approach, there are some fundamental practices that can make a big difference.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Process Improvement: Based on Models, Implemented in Reality[presentation]

Experience demonstrates that no matter the end product-financial services, insurance, beer, construction, etc.-the foundation for and focus on implementing process improvement remains consistent.

Barbara Ainsworth, ProcessPlusOne
Customer Focused Business Metrics throughout the SDLC[presentation]

Focusing on the customer throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC) is difficult to do. Teams often can become mired in technical problems, internal resource limitations, or other issues. Following the customer mantra of "Faster!

Steve Wrenn, Liberty Mutual Insurance Information Systems
Leverage Earned Value Management with Function Point Analysis[presentation]

In the Earned Value Management (EVM) approach, as work is performed, it is "earned" on the same basis it was planned-both the original plan and agreed to changes. Today, more and more software projects are using this approach.

Ian Brown, Booz Allen Hamilton
Identifying Your Organization's "Best" Practices - A Measured Approach[presentation]

Through the application of a rigorous measurement model, which includes both quantitative and qualitative analysis, organizations can identify high impact areas of software development performance.

David Herron, The David Consulting Group
Software Project Poker: Should We Keep Betting or Fold?[presentation]

Software projects are like stud poker hands-all have great potential at the beginning, additional information becomes available as they progress, and it's hard to remain detached from the emotion of the game.

Payson Hall, Catalysis Group Inc
SCRUM - The Art of the Possible[presentation]

Scrum is an agile, lightweight and team-based process to manage software and product development within iterative software development lifecycles.

Brad Grant, Charwick
Avoiding Scheduling Games - A Management View[presentation]

Software managers, project leaders, and developers often complain that "Management" sets unreasonable schedules for delivery of software projects.

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.
A Formula for Successful Peer Reviews[magazine]

Peer reviews come highly recommended, but many who try them find they just don't work. Maybe that's because they didn't have the magic ingredients. Find out what could be missing from your peer reviews.

Patrick Bailey's picture Patrick Bailey
Power Plays[magazine]

Get the software engineering slant on items from the recent news.

Heather Shanholtzer's picture Heather Shanholtzer
Much Ado about Outsourcing[magazine]

Turn to The Last Word, where software professionals who care about quality give you their opinions on hot topics. This month, read why one man thinks the US is overreacting to the threat of overseas outsourcing.

Adam Kolawa's picture Adam Kolawa
What Is Quality, Anyway?[magazine]

All year long we've been asking people in every phase of the software development lifecycle to tell us what quality means to them. We found that while most agree on what quality is, there's still controversy over how to achieve it.

Rebecca Traeger's picture Rebecca Traeger
Bringing Joy to Your Job[magazine]

We're pleased to bring you technical editors who are well respected in their fields. Get their take on everything that relates to the industry, technically speaking. In this issue, find out how to add a little happiness to your project life.

Brian Marick's picture Brian Marick


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