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Behavior Driven Database Design[presentation]

In Behavior Driven Development (BDD), you write behavioral tests of an application just-in-time, one test at a time to express its design. You can take a BDD approach to a database schema in the same way.

Scott Ambler, IBM Rational
Agile Development Practices 2007: Refactoring: Where Do I Start?[presentation]

Since Martin Fowler completed his now-classic work Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code, few programming practices have been more effective-and more controversial-than refactoring.

JB Rainsberger, Diaspar Software Services
Leading Successful Projects in Changing Environments[presentation]

There’s no doubt about it--agile has gone mainstream. Short delivery iterations give organizations the means to incorporate change safely, reach go/no-go decisions early, and discover realistic team velocities.

Pollyanna Pixton, Accelinnova
Empirical Studies of Agile Practices[presentation]

Gone are the religious wars of plan-driven vs. agile software development methodologies and practices.

Laurie Williams, University of North Carolina
Maintaining Sustainable Agility[presentation]

Once your agile project is rolling, there are still many bumps and roadblocks-any one of which can derail the train.

David Hussman, DevJam
Flow, Pull, Innovate: How Agile Teams Mature and Scale[presentation]

Jean Tabaka offers straightforward advice on how agile teams can mature and learn to scale up to larger and larger projects. The three steps of her approach emphasize a path based on principles of Lean Thinking--Flow, Pull, and Innovate.

Jean Tabaka, Rally Software Development
Pragmatic Learning: Improve Your Learning Skills (Part 2)[presentation]

Your approach to learning a new technology or acquiring a new skill is key to your personal success. So, how do you learn how to learn? What tricks can you use to learn faster and retain more of what you learn?

Andy Hunt, The Pragmatic Programmers
Agile Development with Dynamic Languages[presentation]

Developer practices for traditional and agile Java development are well understood and documented. But dynamic languages--Groovy, Ruby, and others--change the ground rules.

Paul King, Asert
Building Agile Workspaces[presentation]

An agile team needs a workspace that supports highly collaborative ways of working together. The team needs to be able to sit together and have visible "information radiators" of the latest status on planned work and code quality.

Rachel Davies, Rachel Davies
Leading Agile Projects: Finding Your Groove[presentation]

There are many books about agile, but most fail as a guide for navigating the beginnings of an agile project.

David Hussman, DevJam
Management Mindsets: What's So Different About Agile[presentation]

You've probably heard of Theory X, Theory Y, and Theory Z management styles. Even though we've run out of letters at the end of the alphabet, it's time for a new management theory for self-organizing agile teams.

Esther Derby, Esther Derby Associates Inc
Maximizing ROI with Agile Release Planning[presentation]

You're agile ... great! Now what? What does this mean for the organization's bottom line profits? Actually, it means a lot. You can use your agility to dramatically increase the value of your project to its stakeholders.

James Shore, Titanium IT LLC
Gradual Agile: From Here to There Gently[presentation]

Agile practices are popular today because they are working so well for many projects and organizations. However, introducing new, agile practices--or any type of new practice--into an established organization can be difficult.

Jared Richardson, Agile Artisans
Refactoring Your Wetware: Thinking Differently About Thinking (Part 1)[presentation]

Software development happens in your head-not in an editor, IDE, or design tool. We're well educated on how to work with software and hardware, but what about wetware--our brains?

Andy Hunt, The Pragmatic Programmers
The Gentle Art of Pair Programming[presentation]

Based on their experiences as software developers and the pair programming practices they use at Oxygen Media, Wendy Friedlander and Oksana Udovitska describe the principles of pair programming, explain why it is a worthwhile practice, and sh

Wendy Friedlander, Oxygen Media


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