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The Risks of Risk-Based Testing[presentation]

Risk-based testing has become an important part of the tester’s strategy in balancing the scope of testing against the time available.

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc
Failure Patterns: A Powerful Tool to Optimize Your Testing[presentation]

As professionals, we have always known that exhaustive testing is rarely feasible or affordable. Thus, we must find more efficient and effective approaches to testing.

Les Hatton, University of Kingston
Challenges in Performance Testing of AJAX Applications[presentation]

The AJAX model for Web applications has been rapidly gaining in popularity because of its ability to bring the richness and responsiveness of desktop applications to the Web.

Rajendra Gokhale, Aztecsoft
A Flight Plan for Testing to Keep Us Safe[presentation]

Just as an airplane pilot always uses a checklist when preparing for a flight, a test engineer should use a checklist when preparing for testing.

Sid Snook, Software Quality Engineering
An Outsource Model for Quality Assurance and Automated Testing[presentation]

Efficiency and effectiveness are the cornerstones of successful quality assurance and test automation effort.

Jeff Somerville, RBC Financial Group
Bugs on Bugs! Hidden Testing Lessons from the Looney Tunes Gang[presentation]

Robert Sabourin finds that characters from the Looney Tunes Gang-Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Foghorn Leghorn, Porky Pig, Daffy Duck, Michigan J. Frog, and others-provide wonderful metaphors for the challenges of testing.

Robert Sabourin, Inc
The Case of a Failed Project: A Mystery Solved[presentation]

John Scarborough recounts the aftermath of a test project failure that stunned engineers and managers alike. The project was highly strategic yet very challenging. Team members were proud to be assigned to it.

John Scarborough, AZTECSOFT - itest
Performance Testing Web Applications with OpenSTA[presentation]

OpenSTA is a solid open-source testing tool that, when used effectively, fulfills the basic needs of performance testing of Web applications.

Dan Downing, Mentora Inc
Stop Finding Bugs, Start Building Quality[presentation]

Many testers believe that their job is to find bugs. While finding bugs is indeed an important aspect of testing, detecting bugs earlier or preventing them from ever occurring has a far greater impact on improving software quality.

Alan Page, Microsoft Corporation
Mistakes Outsourcing Customers Make[presentation]

Ten years of experience with test outsourcing at Polteq Lucent Technologies has shown that it can be successful. However, on the way to success, many-and sometimes painful-lessons were learned.

Kees Blokland, POLTEQ IT Services BV
Gain Control over Chaotic Development Projects[presentation]

Testers are frequently assigned to projects in which applications are undergoing major modifications, yet documentation may be incomplete, wrong, or non-existent.

Dennis Tagliabue, Dell
Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Great Testers[presentation]

Hiring great testers is the single biggest challenge that test managers face. Unfortunately the number of experienced testers is dwindling while the number of testers with weak skill sets is proliferating.

Krishna Iyer, ZenTEST Labs
Will Your SOA Systems Work in the Real World?[presentation]

The fundamental promise of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Web services demands consistent and reliable interoperability.

Jacques Durand, Fujitsu Software Corporation
The Great Testers of our Time and Times Past[presentation]

What can today's software testers learn from present and past testing masters, many of whom have put their own lives on the line to make amazing contributions to the world in which we live?

Clive Bates, Grove Consultants
Top Ten Reasons Test Automation Projects Fail[presentation]

Test automation is the perennial "hot topic" for many test managers. The promises of automation are many; however, many test automation initiatives fail to achieve those promises.

Shrinivas Kulkarni, iGATE Global Solutions


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