Allowing Project Management (PM) to Help Configuration Management (CM)


For more details on CM tasks that help build a CM infrastructure for an application, considering reading Chapter 4 (Establish an SCM Infrastructure for an Application) of the "Software Configuration Management Implementation Roadmap" by Mario E. Moreira, 2004, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd Publishing

So in what areas can PM help CM? PM can help organize the tasks that lead to a common goal (e.g., CM infrastructure). PM can help CM professionals prioritize the work on a project. Many times, a full automated process and environment can wait and instead, first focus on getting the basic technology in place with manual procedures. PM helps organize the resources to bring in expertise at the right time. PM can help forecast the project completion timelines, adding a level of control, and moving the CM effort from an ad hoc approach to a more planned approach. Finally, PM can help break out the CM effort separating the early analysis and planning phase tasks from the execution phase tasks, leading to a more structured implementation approach.

Overall, PM may help CM professionals perform CM planning and execution and ultimately to a more successful implementation and adoption of CM. It is the parachute that keeps the CM effort (and its resources) together.  

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