Coveros LogoCoveros is one of the world's largest providers of software improvement training. We provide the industry’s best resources to help organizations meet their software testing, agile development, project management, security, requirements training needs. Coveros provides a wide selection of specialized courses that deliver field-proven techniques for producing high-quality software. These courses are developed and delivered by industry experts who have years of specialized experience, covering techniques used by top software organizations worldwide.  Public Training ClassPublic Training Our public classroom training is offered in more than fifty cities each year and allows the learner to interact one-on-one with instructors who have an average of fifteen to thirty years of experience. Attendees also benefit from the opportunity to network and interact with others while learning. Our public classroom environment allows the learner a distraction-free learning environment with access to immediate answers to questions and an opportunity to focus on training content. On-Site Training On-Site training is becoming more and more popular today as corporations look for ways to train their personnel—without the expense of travel. Companies who are looking to train six or more employees often find on-site training the most attractive option. There are many benefits to this type of training that help not only the corporation but also the employee who is being trained. Coveros has more than sixty on-site courses available to train your company's employees. Live Virtual Training eLearningLearn anywhere! Experience the benefits of classroom instruction at your location. Live, instructor-led classes are now available right from your computer! Coveros uses Cisco’s WebEx technology to provide you with all the benefits and personal contact of classroom instruction—from your desktop. This convenient format allows for less disruption by limiting the time spent away from work and home. You get the same valuable content and instructor interaction as you would in the classroom but with the convenience and cost effectiveness of being online. Looking to advance your career through specialized certification? Coveros offers several options for gaining or maintaining your certification in the software development field:

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