Are Low-Level Testing and Unit Testing the Same?

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given to QC, where testers do their duty of testing such individual components that make up the module You cannot really transfer to an independent body such as QC, because unit testing is considered “the job of developers” to check whether the code they write works rightly or not for the purpose for which it is written
Already firmly in place of QC agenda Most often unit testing does not take the centre stage and if the management is quite serious about this, then this can also be brought within the process scope of software companies. When this is done. this becomes a perfect launch pad for the success of much needed low level testing later
Though named "Low Level Testing", relatively speaking, this is Higher level testing as this is done right after the "Unit Testing" In the same relative terms, this is considered Lower level testing and in fact this should be considered the most basic of all testing efforts and the success of delivering quality software products start at this very point
This can be made A MUST DO AFFAIR prior to integration testing of components There is either no hard check or not taken this seriously so far. Mostly the developers take escape root. This must also be brought into the testing circle and every developer should be made accountable that they test before it goes out of their hands
When this is done mandatory for each module, it would not throw any major surprise during the integration testing or later stages of testing This must also be made mandatory for the developers. Now, they take this lightly and skip this
You can easily add this to the test plan and find testers for the job of testing It is difficult, but the developers must be made to realize the importance of unit testing. Once this is done, they know that they have a job on their head to do
Control shifts to the independent people away from development and the effort can be explicitly stated Nothing like that is in practice now. The entire effort implicitly revolves around development community and they invariably give this a last priority

Therefore, the conclusion is that both Low Level Testing and Unit Testing are not same and we can have, comfortably, two separate documents: one for Low Level Test Case and another for Unit Test Case. These will no doubt strengthen the process of QA which eventually result in increased client satisfaction. I consider this article as one big walk that I treaded in this direction with the belief that this will surely has everything to trigger further interest among tech savvy friends.

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