Bringing Business Value to IT Governance


If the prototype is successful, then a pilot can be conducted to further investigate the value of the new technology to the company. Piloting applies additional, but limited capital to the idea for establishing a working model to assess the performance of the design without actually going into full production mode. People external to the organization may participate in evaluating the idea to further determine if the idea is worth the cost and further to determine if external people see enough value and a willingness to pay for the business idea in practice.

Common Architecture Framework
As an organization grows and more products are built, it can be of great advantage to establish an architecture framework that IT can align with. Because having products work together is critical, establishing an IT governance strategy to ensure easy integration, reduced maintenance, solid performance, while assuring data integrity are key aspects of architecture. One aspect is to identify common and reusable components in certain areas that all or most applications within an organization can use.

An example is to establish a high security single sign-on login component which all applications can plug into their application architecture. This reduces or eliminates complex integrations for login across application suites and decreases maintenance. Another step is to establish an overall architecture framework such as following tiers and layers to understand whether the application is in the front-end or back-end and its technology stack. When business objectives are defined moving forward, this framework is helpful to determine if there are already products within a given space that meet some or most of those business objectives. This may reduce the need to develop completely new products and instead, use existing products or components therein.

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