Change Management Processes for Software Development versus Content Development

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next stage. It is important to make sure that a change management solution provides you with the flexibility to define staging levels and rules around promotion that fit with your own business environment.

The implementation of a change management solution that embodies all these notions provides an environment where change can be reviewed and approved with minimal delays, allowing the required changes to propagate through to the production site in the required time, while providing a high degree of confidence that the changes made to the site are correct.

By elevating change management from managing files to managing issues directly, management can regain control over the full range of change complexity. Instead of the typical cycle where non-urgent requests become urgent and cause a crisis, important but non-urgent requests are less likely to fall through the cracks when management is able to constantly review the progress of change through the organization, spot bottlenecks, and remedy process problems before they get out of hand.

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