Configuration Management is Lika a Race Track—Really!


does not directly involve getting a project release out to market, but involves CM tasks focused on building the infrastructure and processes that can support an engineering project.  The key areas of focus of CM at the product level include:


·         Assessing a product’s CM needs

·         Selecting a CM technology best suited for the product

·         Defining an product level CM Plan that ensures maintainability, reliability, and performance

·         Establishing a CM system and environment for the product

·         Establishing CM processes for the product (e.g., check-out/check-in, build, release, change control, problem management, etc.) that are built for performance and reliability

·         Performing CM training for those that work on the product

CM Race Car at the Project Level: Execution

CM occurs at the project level as well, focusing on what tasks must occur to deliver a release package. This usually involves check-out/check-in, build, package, and migration tasks and also includes change control and issue tracking tasks. These CM tasks fit nicely in an engineering project plan and most occur in the development and release phases of the project.  How effective these CM tasks are at the project level, depends on how well built the CM infrastructure is.


At this level, the CM tasks help a project to create and deliver a release to the marketplace.  At the project level is where we can hone the CM infrastructure as we drive the CM

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