The Criteria for Choosing a Successful Scrum Pilot


but, by taking into account the above factors, those disruptions can be minimized. An organization's greatest asset is always someone who's gone through the process before and knows how to navigate the myriad organizational factors that influence a pilot's success. After all, an experienced Scrum practitioner can help teams make wise decisions at every stage of a Scrum transformation, especially where to begin.

Based on the original work of Kane Mar, " Agile Project Selection from a Portfolio of Projects "

About the Authors

Kane Mar is a Certified Scrum Coach and one of Danube's Certified Scrum Trainers, specializing in Scrum and Extreme Programming. Mar has worked exclusively with Agile software development teams since 2001 and has worked with clients such as Qpass, Microsoft, Capital One, Progressive Insurance, and TransCanada Pipelines. His focus is on creating highly performing Scrum teams that deliver high quality software and maximize business value.

In August 2000, Laszlo Szalvay , along with his brother Victor, co- founded Danube Technologies, Inc. in Seattle. Although Danube originally was created to manage outsourced software projects, the company's focus soon shifted to helping organizations transform to Scrum software development management practices. Danube first developed an internal tool to improve its own processes and then offered it for free to the market. It became such a success with clients that, two years later, Danube developed and introduced its flagship product, ScrumWorks® Pro. In 2005, Danube extended its offering by developing a new services division, ScrumCORE TM, which provides Scrum coaching to clients through public and private courses as well as onsite engagements.

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T. Pot's picture

" opportunity to illustrate the value of Scrum-in boosting quality,"  In my experience, SCRUM, most definitely, does not increase software quality.  It helps to "test in" quality (we'll fix it in the next release), a known worst-practice.

If done right, Agile can produce quality software.  Make sure there is heavy Product Owner (end-user SME) involvement.  If the stories don't pan out at demo time, drop them from the iteration, so only quality code is released.

January 2, 2014 - 3:59pm

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