e-Talk Radio: Derby, Esther, 4 January 2001


Ms. Dekkers and Ms. Derby talk about various management issues (e.g., promotions based on technical skills instead of people management skills, and the importance of interpersonal skills training for managers) and modeling organizational change.

TEXT TRANSCRIPT: 4 January 2001
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Carol Dekkers: Welcome to Quality Plus E-Talk with Carol Dekkers. I'm Carol Dekkers, and I'd like to wish every one of our listeners a Happy New Year 2001. We've moved to a new date and time. We're now on Thursday mornings, running from January 4 to March 29, and we're going to be airing from 10 to 11am Mountain Standard Time, noon to 1pm Eastern Standard Time, and as you heard we've got a new sponsor, StickyMinds.com, who many of you may be listening through the StickyMinds.com Web site. So I'd like to say thank you to StickyMinds.com.

The theme of this next thirteen weeks is going to be on Building Better Software, the tools, the techniques, the testing requirements, cost estimating, test management, extreme programming, the whole gamut, with really a focus on the tools and techniques that will help you as a company, as a developer, as a manager, develop better software. I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and the company. I'm the president of a company called Quality Plus Technologies, and we help companies to build better software through measurement. My background is in mechanical engineering, paired with about a dozen years of systems development experience. Today I'm a certified management consultant, a certified function point specialist, and I'm a lead of an outstanding team of management consultants and certified function point specialists whose forte is really teaching companies to think. We're a little bit different then some of the other consulting companies in that we really pride ourselves in maximizing the knowledge transfer. When we go into a company to consult with your company, we aim to make your professionals confident and capable in software measurement, kind of like leading you through the wilderness of measurement and we teach you to become confident, capable so that you can become self-sufficient in measurement yourself. And we're always there when you need us. So we don't move into a company to stay there for the next five years, we really aim to make you confident, competent in doing software measurement yourself for process improvement and to really make the gain.

So I'm really excited to introduce our first guest. It's really the first show of the really new millennium and our guest today is Esther Derby, who is a writer, consultant, and a facilitator who is based in the cold winter port of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Esther has worked in software development for over twenty years, she's been a developer, a system manager, a development manager and a project manager. She's the founder and principal of Esther Derby Associates Incorporated, a one-woman firm that works with individuals and teams to improve their effectiveness working with complex human systems, like software development projects and software development organizations. Esther has a Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership and is a technical editor for the Software Testing Quality Engineering magazine, along with her co-editor Brian Marick. Now Brian Marick was unable to join us today, but I would like to give a warm welcome to Esther Derby, the technical editor of STQE, welcome.

Esther Derby: Thank you, I'm happy to be here.

Carol Dekkers: And you're not freezing cold,


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