e-Talk Radio: Paul Hopkins, November 2000


through the fruit/produce area, and I say, you know what, mangoes are great, they're on special. And rice is on sale. And I load up my shopping cart, pay for it, get home, and say, boy, I sure as heck hope I can come up with a recipe, with everybody coming over, with these things I've purchased. That's like metrics. Okay, let's go and measure function points and let's go measure this, and boy, I sure hope I can cook this up into a metrics program.

Paul: Exactly. You must be clear about why you're doing it.

Carol: And you took a methodological approach. You looked at the goals. You looked at what Honeywell wanted you to find out. What they wanted you to tell them. And figured out the metrics based on that.

Paul: And it's clearly based on what are the values of the business. What do we value as a company, around the bottom line for businesses. And so the speed, the bottom line growth, the life expectancy of systems, those types of things.

Carol: And would you do it again?

Paul: Absolutely. It's the only way I know how to answer a lot of the tough questions, quite honestly.

Carol: That feel doesn't cut it in IT anymore. You can't say, well, I feel I know we're doing better.

Paul: Right. And it's hard to prove that.

Carol: Well, it's going to be an interesting rest of our evening, as we look and find out who's winning the election, who has won. When we come back next week with Roger Pressman, I guess we'll have all those answers. So thanks again, Paul. Have a great evening, everyone.

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