e-Talk Radio: Paulk, Mark, 28 November 2000


Carol: And I think it's remarkable that in a short 10 years to have pervaded 15 percent of American companies. You know, 15 percent of American companies probably don't even track their site, that type of thing. I'd like to thank you, Mark, for spending this last hour with us and educating our listening audience and just sharing your expertise with us. Would you like to give out the Web site of the Software Engineering Institute to anyone that's interested?

Mark: Yes. If anyone is interested in finding out more about our work, www.sei.cmu.edu, which is the worldwide Web site for the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University. On the educational subnet for those of you who are interested in the lithography there, you can find out about our work there. Look for CMM on the search engine and you'll find out where all of our stuff is.

Carol: And this has been a wonderful educational hour for me. I really enjoyed talking to you. And I'd like to thank you again, Mark, for being part of our show.

Mark: Always a pleasure.

Carol: And next week I hope that you'll join us as we talk to somebody that Mark was talking or alluded to, the author of Extreme Programming, Kent Beck, who will be joining us to talk about the lightweight methodologies, the up and coming extreme programming. Does it conjure up ideas in your mind of bungee jumpers with laptops? Who knows? We'll be talking to Kent Beck, and I'd like you to join us. If you've got any feedback that you'd like to give us about future shows or future guests, please send them to Dekkers, D-e-k-k-e-r-s at qualityplustech.com.

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