Grooming the Product Backlog


are paper cards. They are cheap and easy to use. They facilitate collaboration; everyone can grab a card and write down an idea. They can also be grouped on the table or wall to check for consistency and completeness. Cards and electronic product backlog tools, such as spreadsheets, complement each other: Print out existing requirements on paper cards prior to a grooming workshop, and transfer the information on the cards back into the electronic tool afterward.

Grooming the product is an ongoing process that ensures that the product backlog is DEEP. The product owner, ScrumMaster, and team should groom the backlog collaboratively involving the stakeholders as appropriate. Make sure you establish a grooming process so that the activities are carried out reliably, for instance, by starting with weekly grooming workshops. A well-groomed backlog is a prerequisite for a successful sprint planning meeting as well as for creating a successful product.

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