Lessons Learned about Starting a Development Group in India, Part 1


all of his time reading books on programming in C++ and reading code. He had never written any code.

I called the project lead in India who told me that he had hired three experienced people and one trainee. The person I had in the US was one of the experienced people. At that point, I became extremely concerned.

I shifted gears with the person in the States and assigned him some QA work to do, which he excelled at. Then I cancelled the second person's trip-he was the trainee. By the time the three months were up, all of the people remaining in India had left the company, including the team leader. The person returning to India was reassigned to the electrical engineering group. Eventually the prototype system in India was scrapped after it was discovered that it didn't work at all, and none of our staff could figure out how to fix it.

In the next installment, find out what lessons Peter's company learned from this experience and how it affected the company's second attempt at outsourcing to an offshore team.

In part two, Peter will explain what he did differently the second time.

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