Principles of Agile Version Control: From Object-oriented Design to Project-oriented Branching


Finally, for baselines, our interpretation of the package cohesion principles results in equating the granularity of baselining, integration, and even promotion.

The Integration/Promotion Principle (IPP)

The scope of promotion is the unit of integration and baselining.

Principles of Codeline Management

Principles of Codeline Management

The Serial Commit Principle (SCP)

A codeline, or workspace, should receive changes (commits/updates) to a component from only one source at a time.



The Codeline Flow Principle (CLFP)

A codeline's flow of value must be maintained - it should be open for evolution, but closed against disruption of the progress/collaboration of its users.



The Codeline Integrity Principle (CLIP)

Newly committed versions of a codeline should consistently be no less correct or complete than the previous version of the codeline.



The Collaboration/Flow Integration Principle (CFLIP)

The throughput of collaboration is the cumulative flow of integrated changes.



The Incremental Integration Principle (IIP)

Define frequent integration milestones that are client-valued.



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