Selecting a CM/ALM Tool That Will Add Value to All Users


In his CM: the Next Generation series, Joe Farah gives us a glimpse into the trends that CM experts will need to tackle and master based upon industry trends and future technology challenges.

42. Configurable, organized role-based information: The 4G tool has a role-based, intuitive interface showing a user, based on his/her role(s), the set of tasks, assignments, plans, notices or other information particular to that user. The user is able to navigate his/her various to-do lists and review them in a prioritized fashion.

The End or Not The End
Does this leave anything for the 5th generation? Believe me, there's still a long ways to go after attaining even a 4G CM/ALM solution. However, beyond the 4th generation, CM/ALM reaches out far beyond the world of development and technology.

I've laid out a rough guide for selecting tools. I've categorized requirements by the CM/ALM Generation in which I think they belong. I'm sure others have additional requirements, or perhaps finer details for these. I'd love to, in fact I'm sure everybody would like to, see a matrix of existing tools against these requirements. I'd love even more to see a matrix of vendor plans for 2010 against this set of requirements.

If you are doing a review of tools and would like to measure tools against these requirements, we'd love to collect the results by tool and year of release. If I collect enough, I'm willing to find someone to support an on-line spreadsheet of the results.

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